He's a decorated vet, a lifelong Republican, and he makes a ton of sense!!
RAW STORY's Larisa Alexandrovna Has An Exclusive Interview Online Now!
By Winter Patriot on 8/30/2005, 11:14pm PT  

In another RAW STORY exclusive, our good friend Larisa Alexandrovna has some very interesting words from retired U. S. Army Colonel Michael Pheneger, whose credentials seem quite impressive:

Colonel Pheneger is a highly decorated thirty year veteran who has served in various high level military posts throughout his career, including: Commander, U. S. Army Intelligence School, Director of Intelligence, U. S. Special Operations Command; Deputy Director of Intelligence, and has worked with the USSOCOM and USCENTCOM teams providing high level intelligence support.

More importantly, he makes a ton of sense, especially when he says things like:

the problem is the underlying conduct - not the photos.


the only way to assign accountability is to conduct a thorough investigation of every aspect of these deplorable episodes.

I've been saying the same sorts of things for how long now? When is Larisa going to interview me??

I'm kidding of course but I can't help it; this is so repulsive, and it has been so blatant, and it has been going on for so long, if I didn't bring some humor to the discussion I could never force myself to write about it at all. No, it isn't funny. It's atrocious and it's outrageous and it's very serious ... and seriously, it's encouraging to see someone with the credentials and experience of Colonel Pheneger, telling it like it is!

So a big BRAD BLOG thank-you to retired U.S. Army Colonel Michael Pheneger and another big thank-you to the very lovely and extremely talented Larisa Alexandrovna.

You can read all of Larisa's interview with Colonel Michael Pheneger here.