By David Edwards on 8/25/2005, 2:59pm PT  

Guest blogged by David Edwards

Here is a selection of some of the latest videos from Camp Casey.

Most cable networks carried this morning's press conference at Camp Casey. Cindy gave an update on her mother's condition and remarked about how the protest had grown while she was away.

Video (Windows Media)

On Wednesday night, Cindy spoke to the crowd of supporters and responded to personal attacks from the right-wing media. DemocracyNow! and LinkTV provided this video clip. The BRAD SHOW broadcasted the event live and The BRAD BLOG has made the entire audio of her speech available for download.

Video (Windows Media)

DemocracyNow! and LinkTV have also provided a short clip of Joan Baez performing at Camp Casey on Wednesday night.

Video (Windows Media)

The pro-war group Move America Forward claims to be a grassroots movement but Keith Olbermann has exposed their connections to the GOP on MSNBC. The group was actually started by the Republican party and still uses the same PR firm to this day. It's pretty sad when you don't even have enough support for a real grassroots movement. We wonder if the pro-war protesters are also paid by the Republican party.

CrooksandLiars has the Video

Toolz of the New School blog posted this interesting video of Move America Forward pro-war operatives verbally assaulting a peace activist. It appears that Rush Limbaugh's tactics are now on a GOP sponsored bus tour that will be arriving in Crawford this weekend. Once again, the right-wingers seize the "moral low ground."

Video (Windows Media)

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