And Scottie is asked about 'Treason'...
An update from our Man in the White House
By Brad Friedman on 7/25/2005, 4:11pm PT  

Last week, our man in the White House, Eric Brewer of, had planned to ask Scottie McClellan the question we'd asked him to ask on the 7/16/05 BRAD SHOW concerning Rumsfeld's required progress report on Iraq. That report, required by law in the $80 billion war spending bill from last May, was not given to Congress in time to meet the mandated July 11 deadline.

Unfortunately, Brewer was the only reporter not called upon by Scottie that day and so he never got to ask his question.

The "Rule of Law" --- ironically enough --- no longer being applicable to this particular Administration, Rumsfeld's required report was finally given to Congress some days afterwards: ten days late and containing virtually none of the specifics that the law had required.

In the meantime, Brewer was called upon at today's briefing and was able to ask a fresh question. This time on the Bush Administration's unwillingness to forgo Torture as a regular part of our National Foreign Policy --- even with Republicans now calling on him to do so.

As well, Brewer has an update on the new Air America Radio correspondent who enjoyed his first day today in the WH Press Room by choosing to ask Scottie about the "T" word: "Treason".

Brewer has the details on all of the above at BTCNews...