By Winter Patriot on 7/12/2005, 11:21pm PT  

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

The First Annual BRAD BLOGATHON has been running for just over a hundred hours, and as you probably know, our primary motivation was to raise some much-needed funds for The BRAD SHOW and Brad's other very important work. We've been asking, and you've been responding. Thank you very much for that. We cannot say Brad's cup runneth over, but at least his cupboard is no longer quite so bare.

We hope you'll continue to make the occasional donation via Credit Card or PayPal or Snail Mail and that you'll make a habit of shopping at The BRAD STORE, but we're going to stop pestering you about it, at least for a while. We agree that The BRAD BLOG is much better with Brad here than without him, and we're ready to give him back his keys. So we've reached the point where we need to say "thanks"... to a lot of people!

To all who have contributed financially, with cash donations or by shopping at The BRAD STORE, or both: Your support is sincerely appreciated, and we thank you very much. Brad's work could not continue without your support, and we wish there were more of you. So go forth and multiply, will you? ;-)

To our excellent guest bloggers: to Josh Mitteldorf, Bernie Ellis, Chris Floyd, Gandhi, David Cobb, Larisa Alexandrovna, John Amato, Bob Koehler, Bob Fitrakis, and Clint Curtis: Many thanks to all of you! What an incredible lineup! We are very grateful for you support, as well as your blogging! And we hope you've enjoyed the time you've spent here with us.

To the loyal BRAD BLOG readers who contributed their time and their skills and their ideas and their enthusiasm to make all this possible; to Tracy, Peg, Joan and Robert for their very generous contributions; to Torqued, who has worked tirelessly behind the scenes on any technical thing anyone asked him to do; to Steve, who conceived the idea, and who worked so hard to make sure it happened; to all these people and to many others whose names I cannot possibly mention here [including some whose names I do not even know!], we offer our deepest gratitude.

And now, as we turn to the man of the hour ... or the man of the blog... I have so much to say ... and so few words ... I was thinking clearly --- or at least I was thinking a bit more clearly than I am now --- when I wrote this entry in please don't read my blog:

It's always an honor to sit in for him while he's gone. A great digger, a very good writer, a brave and honest patriot, and a very, very funny man, Brad's my choice: there's nobody in the world I would rather help.

That was back in May, and although I wouldn't take any of those words back, I no longer see them as adequate. There's more ... there's so much more ... that I want to say ... but ... shucks, folks ... I get so tongue-tied sometimes ... oh, you know ... hey, listen: Barry Mann and Gerry Goffin said it better than I ever could, way back in 1961:

You know what, Brad?
Bomp bah bah bomp, bah bomp bah bomp bomp.
Yes, my friend, rama lama ding dong forever.
And when I say, dip da dip da dip da dip
You know I mean it from the bottom
of my boogity boogity boogity shoo.

And so ... without further doo-wop ...
Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Brad Friedman!

Welcome home, Brad! We've missed you!!

This is the final item of the First Annual BRAD BLOGATHON, conceived and implemented by readers of The BRAD BLOG! Please help keep Brad blogging. You can click HERE to donate using PayPal or your credit card, or click HERE to donate using snail mail. Many thanks on behalf of Brad and the Bloggers behind the Blogathon!