By Brad Friedman on 6/30/2005, 9:15pm PT  

Looks like Bev Harris of gets the first words out on's hearing yesterday in Houston which was set up as a counter to the phony hearing that occurred today by the now-discredited Baker/Carter National Election Reform Commission. (Details explaining both hearings here. Be sure to enjoy the comments on that itme by the way, and note our own personal restraint in not posting our private communications with Mr. Lowenstein who is privileged enough to sit on the Baker/Carter Commission, but doesn't believe he needs to hear from American Voters who are concerned about the dangers it poses to our Electoral System. But we digress...)

It doesn't look as if C-SPAN covered the 2nd and final Baker/Carter Hearings today, as they did with the first one. Which is fine by us. As the first one was filled with little more than misleading disinformation presented by a stacked deck of ringer "witnesses" who morphed the real problem of Election Fraud into the non-existant "problem" of Voter Fraud. As a matter of fact, the only thing much resembling media coverage of either meeting beforehand was the Press Release issued we issued from Velvet Revolution.

In her quick message board reply, Harris, just one of the many witnesses at's hearings who should have given testimony to and/or been sitting on the Baker/Carter Commission itself, gives some insight into how things went at thos hearings...

Kip Humphries had a wonderful idea. He set up the un-Carter-Baker kind of hearing, called the Election Assessment Hearing.

Three people from the Carter-Baker hearing decided to come into the Election Assessment Hearing (only to listen to themselves speak, of course; they didn't bother to come listen to any of the witnesses presenting evidence, and left after their bit was done.) One of them, Robert Pastor, was allowed to be a witness himself.

About the first thing out of his mouth was an endorsement for federal centralizing of the voting system, and the next was a cheerleading quote for how wonderful HAVA is.

Kip Humphries did a brilliant thing --- when the Carter-Baker Commission was clearly all show and no substance, he brought the substance right to their back yard, called the press, and ultimately got the Commission's Robert Pastor on tape responding to questions from Lynn Landes, me, Dr. Richard Phillips, and others. Again, shows how one ordinary citizen with common sense can make a real difference.

She has more in her post, including what should make for some very interesting video tape to come soon!

(That tape, by the way, will be available on DVD for Dr. Pastor, with whom we've exchanged pleasantries ourselves in the past, and the rest of 'em on the Baker/Carter Commission...if you haven't already let them know about that fine opportunity, you may still do so here.)

(Hat tip BRAD BLOG commenter and BRAD SHOW caller, Catherine A. from Ireland for the link to Bev's post!)

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