Forums to Mark Third Anniversary of Original 'Downing Street Minutes'!
By Brad Friedman on 6/28/2005, 11:56am PT  

The BRAD BLOG has learned that Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) and a number of other Congressional Members will announce their intention to hold open Town Hall Meetings across the country on July 23rd to discuss the "Downing Street Documents" with constituents.

The meetings, to be held on the same day around the country in the members' various Congressional Districts, will mark the third year anniversary of the creation of the original Downing Street Minutes document. That document, released nearly two months ago, revealed that the Bush Administration had determined at least eight months prior to the War on Iraq that they intended to topple Saddam Hussein through military means, and planned to "fix" the intelligence and facts around the policy.

Earlier this month, a letter was delivered to the White House signed by 122 Congressional Members and more than 560,000 American Citizens asking George W. Bush to answer a number of questions concerning the information contained in the minutes written by the head of British Intelligence, Richard Dearlove. The White House has still refused the courtesy of a reply to that letter.

MORE: We are told that "at least" 10 U.S. Congressional Members will be holding these Town Hall Meetings, and that --- unlike Bush and Cheney's phony Town Hall Meetings --- the forums will actually be open to the public for discussion. No loyalty pledges to be required before attending. The number of Congressmen and women to hold hearings is expected to increase in the days and weeks ahead prior to the July 23rd date.

AND MORE... is helping to organize the Town Hall Meetings, and offers quite a few links on how you can help from your home town!

AND STILL MORE... Conyers has now released further details on his blog, including a link to sign up for information, help with hosting house parties on the day of the Town Hall meetings and an email address to send questions and suggestions for the event.

He goes on to say, in his blog item, that this event is a "follow up to our hugely successful hearing we held in the basement of the Capitol Building on June 16." Perhaps it should be suggested that all such July 23rd House Parties be held in basements or storage closets just to get into the spirit of things!

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