Republicans Can't Let It Go, Move On...
By Brad Friedman on 5/24/2005, 6:55pm PT  

While we wish to see Election Fraud ferreted out and destroyed wherever it rears its ugly head, the GOP was dealt a setback in the current trial in Washington state where GOP sore losers are attempting to unseat Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire after a razor-thin margin last November. The Judge in the case has ruled --- to the chagrin of the crybaby GOP conspiracy theorists and tinfoil hat wearers --- that fraud is not at issue in the current case.

Nonetheless, beyond that, two things strike us of interest in this case.

1) The unmitigated determination displayed by the GOP to fight for the accurate counting and accounting of every vote. We only wish the DNC showed as much moxie in fighting for what was likely theirs (the Presidency). And...

2) The following strangely familiar argument (as described in today's Seattle Post-Intelligencer) being cynically employeed by the partisan GOP hyporcits in Washington state, yet being ignored by same everywhere else in the country.

The county's records show at least 875 more absentee ballots were counted than voters were credited with casting, [GOP Attorney] Foreman said. But while many precincts reported more ballots than voters, others reported more voters than ballots.

Those discrepancies should have been distributed randomly among the candidates, but two of the three most strongly pro-Rossi precincts lost votes, while the two most strongly pro-Gregoire precincts gained votes, Foreman said.

The GOP will establish in the trial how that pattern defies probability, Foreman said.

"The evidence will show partisan bias," he said. "And partisan bias is a very politically correct way of saying, 'Somebody stuffed the ballot box.'"

Sound familiar?

Of course, if that attempted legal argument was employed in Ohio and the other swing states, all of which went to Bush despite astronomically impossible statistical odds against it, the GOP's illegitimate "President" would not currently be occupying the White House.

Too bad Democrats don't fight for what's rightfully theirs as ardently as Republicans do. And, unlike Republicans, they wouldn't even have to lie and make stuff up to do it! Merely showing up for the game would likely suffice!

UPDATE: Joseph Cannon has some great details on what really went on in WA and explanations of the absurdity of the GOP Conspiracy Theorists claims in court.