Velvet Revolution Launches Massive Email Campaign to Jimmy Carter and the National Election Reform Commissioners!
ALSO...Putting Boots on the Ground at this Monday's Commission Hearings!
By Brad Friedman on 4/15/2005, 9:28am PT  

Velvet Revolution, a coalition of nearly 100 true Voting Rights and Election Reform organizations is launching a major campaign to bring former-President Jimmy Carter's attention to their myriad concerns about the secretly seated Blue-Ribbon National Election Reform Commission! Specifically, they are calling for James A. Baker --- the architect of the Bush/Cheney strategy to ensure that America's votes would not be counted in 2000 --- to resign immediatelly along with a number of the anti-reform partisans and voting machine company officials who have been appointed secretly to this commission!

VR is calling for the American people to send an Email webletter to President Carter and the National Election Reform Commissioners, demanding Baker and cronies step down immediately or, in lieu of that, Carter leave this commission in protest of the cynical and mind-boggling hoax being perpetrated on those who understand the need for true Election Reform in America!

The "YES to Election Reform! NO to James Baker & his anti-Reform Cronies!" is now up and online.

The address for the new Velvet Revolution action:
...Please spread it far and wide! And be quick about it!

Also...action on the ground at the first Commission Hearing this Monday! See this Election Reform Coalition Press Release for details!

And finally, if you have no idea what we're talking about, turn off Fox "News" and see RAW STORY's explosive exposÚ from yesterday on the Commission and its secretive, insidious, partisan, pro-voting machine makeup!

Spread the word! Feel free to use the "Email it to Someone" link at the bottom of this item!

Be. The. Media! It's only your democracy at stake!

(BRAD BLOG is a co-founder of Velvet Revolution)

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