So Let's Make Sure the WHOLE WORLD Knows About Him!
PLUS: A New Tom Feeney Fun Fact!
By Brad Friedman on 1/14/2005, 12:17pm PT  

Yes, we love Congressman Tom Feeney (R-FL)! And hope the rest of the world can learn to love him as much as we do!

But they can't love him if they don't know him!

So to help, we'd encourage BRAD BLOG readers who may be familiar with many of the interesting facets of the Republican Congressman's life to share some of that interesting information on the Wikipedia page devoted to educating millions about Mr. Feeney!

The Wikipedia, for those who don't know, is a public domain encyclopedia of sorts, where you --- dear, BRAD BLOG readers --- can add information on the life and accomplishments of patriotic Americans such as Mr. Feeney, so that citizens and school-children the world over may learn about one of the wonderful and impressive elected officials we have in our country!

Speaking of "elected" --- here's a fun fact you may wish to add to the Wikipedia on Mr. Feeney --- did you know that Mr. Feeney just "won" "re-election" on November 2nd to the United States Congress without a single vote being cast for him?!

That's right! He won a prestigous post in the United States Congress without ever even appearing on the ballot! He even gets to sit on the U.S. House Judiciary Committee!

How did he do it?! Due to the wonderfully streamlined ballot system in the State of Florida --- as helpfully legislated by (guess who?!) Tom Feeney who served for years in the Florida State legislature before become its House Speaker! --- a candidate who runs unopposed in his or her district won't even appear on the ballot!

According to Section 101.151 of the Florida Statues, "...the names of unopposed candidates shall not appear on the general election ballot. Each unopposed candidate shall be deemed to have voted for himself or herself."

Isn't that wonderful?!

This convenience saves time for the busy American Florida voter, and keeps election officials from having to decipher any of that messy handwriting that --- in other, less sunshiney states --- might end up as a write-in vote against such an unopposed candidate!

That small annoyance won't be happening in Florida anytime soon! Hoo-ray for Mr. Feeney!

But don't worry, even though he was running against nobody, Mr. Feeney was able to raise (and spend nearly all of!) $928,127 to finance his 2004 campaign! All of it from individuals and businesses and political action committees who were simply interested in seeing the finest legislator for Florida's 24th Congressional district that money could buy!

You may even know the names of some of those contributing individuals and businesses! Names like Yang and O'Quinn and the like!

Winning a U.S. Congressional seat without even having a single vote cast for him, is just one of the many interesting facts about Congressman Tom Feeney from Florida that you --- devoted BRAD BLOG readers --- now know!

Why not share that knowledge --- and all the rest you may have learned --- with the world via the Wikipedia's Tom Feeney page right now?! You can even add links to your favorite sources and articles on Tom Feeney!

As it says on his website (Where you can still donate to his 2004 campaign!): "...It takes courage...It takes Tom Feeney!" It sure does! So let's all show that same kind of courage, and share what we know with the whole wide world!