By Brad Friedman on 1/25/2015, 7:35am PT  
The BRAD BLOG is now 11 years old! Seriously. And holy crap.

I can't thank all of our readers enough --- not to mention all of our many content contributors over the years --- for all you've done to help support our work here over so many years.

While 11 years is not as much of a milestone as, say, our 5th or 10th birthdays, it still kinda blows my mind as we head into our 12th year of non-stop, independent trouble-making and muckraking. Even as we do, of course, I still need your help as we continue to fight the sometimes-impossible odds of remaining completely independent of corporate or partisan or foundational control.

So, if you can help us out with a Happy Anniversary present today, it'd be greatly appreciated! If you can afford to make that gift a monthly sustaining pledge, it is all the more appreciated as I continue to fight to figure out ways to afford to keep us going here. (Yes, I hate the fund raising even more than you do! Unfortunately, its a necessity, no matter how bad I am at it!) At any rate, my thanks for whatever you can do to help support us, whether that means donating, commenting, sharing links or simply taking action in some way on something that you've learned here. It all means a great deal. So, thank you. Very much. For all. --- Brad


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(Snail mail support to "Brad Friedman, 7095 Hollywood Blvd., #594 Los Angeles, CA 90028" always welcome too!)

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