By Brad Friedman on 7/19/2012, 3:21pm PT  

I hate doing it, so I haven't since January, but I must. As it's my birthday today, I'll use that as an excuse to ask for your support if you've found our work to be of value at The BRAD BLOG this year.

Particularly as this is an election year, I hope you'll appreciate the importance of what we do, among many other things, to try and help keep the remnants of our Constitutional democracy (or Republic, for you Ron Paul fans) alive. I hate having to remind you at all, but if I don't, we receive virtually no donations from readers, other than from those who have pledged regular monthly support.

By way of reminder, we rely only on you to help keep us doing all that we do here. We enjoy no corporate or foundational sponsorship. So it's your generosity that helps keep the trouble-making, muckraking and investigative lights on over here.

Please consider a one-time online donation, or sustaining monthly support of any amount you like (see the light blue box half way down the right side bar to create that support in about 30 seconds!) or a snail mail donation (Payable to: Brad Friedman, 7095 Hollywood Blvd., #594, Los Angeles, CA 90028).

Thank you in advance for what I hope you'll help to make a very happy birthday week! --- Brad

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