By John Gideon on 6/18/2008, 4:57pm PT  

Last Friday election activist and founder of the Florida Fair Elections Coalition, Susan Pynchon, announced her run for Volusia County Supervisor of Elections. Susan joins Ellen Brodsky, who is running for the same position in Broward County and who is also a member of Florida Fair Elections Coalition.

The vendor’s lobby group, The Election Technology Council (ETC), recently published a report in which they whine about not having the power that they had before the EAC took more control over the voting system testing and certification program. The ETC wants the testing and certification process to be easier for them. They want to be able to engage EAC commissioners and staff in ex parte conversations. And they want a seat at the table on the Technical Guidelines Development Committee. In all cases the EAC has said NO! and today EAC Chair Rosemary Rodriguez has reiterated that NO!, loudly and clearly. We thank the Chair and the rest of the commissioners for taking this stand for the voters. We need well tested voting systems and not voting systems that have been certified just because the testing would take too long....

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