By John Gideon on 11/18/2006, 4:22pm PT  

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One episode highlights the success of vote-by-mail in Tillamook Co Oregon, where 13 inches of rain on Election Day sent many citizens scrambling to the safety of shelters under a declared state of emergency. Despite the fact that many roads were impassable and parts of the county were inaccessible --- conditions that would have crippled turnout in a state that relied on conventional polling places --- 70 percent of the voters cast ballots. Only voting by mail could have led to this outcome. / Sarasota Co., Florida elections director Kathy Dent has declared in her official election certification documents that there were no errors caused in the general election by voting machines. Clearly the courts will have to make that decision and VoterAction will be at the forefront of any court case brought for the voters of the county. They need help to help those voters. VotersUnite does not ask for donations for the work we do but VoterAction needs your support. Please consider visiting and helping them a little. Our democracy needs it....

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