By John Gideon on 5/1/2006, 5:00pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org

"To say the least, I am absolutely appalled by ES&S' delays, and the hardships ES&S has placed on this state," said West Virginia SoS Ireland Friday afternoon. "It is inexcusable." A glitch in some of the systems in some of the counties allows users of the company's iVotronic machines to cast ballots and have their votes recorded correctly, but does not count the votes properly. Tomorrow begins a string of 28 primaries or primary run-offs in 23 states over the next two months. Why is it that the Financial Times, a UK media outlet, is reporting on what our national media is ignoring; the threat of mass confusion in our elections?...

  • OH: Summit County � Train Wreck - Sorority won't be used as voting-machine help LINK
  • TX: Bexar County � Train Wreck - Casting a Vote With Paper for Early Voting 2006 (ES&S) LINK
  • WV: Editorial � Train Wreck - Hold Voting Device Firm Accountable LINK
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  • NAtional: Electronic voting switch threatens mass confusion LINK
  • NAtional: 2006 E-Voting 'Train Wreck': Investigations and Problems Continue to Spread LINK
  • CA: Humboldt County - Group plans parallel election to check June 6 results LINK
  • GA: New electronic voting lists may cut paperwork LINK
  • GA: Election paper trail takes millions to add LINK
  • IN: Questions cloud Tuesday's primary LINK
  • IN: Rokita expects smooth voting process LINK
  • IN: New voter laws LINK
  • IN: Columnist � Electronic Balloting Superiour? Aye, nay LINK
  • KS: Douglas County - County to receive voting machines this month (ES&S Op-Scan) LINK
  • KS: Leavenworth County - Counties turn to electronic voting LINK
  • MA: Officials to mull lawsuit proposal (VRA violations) LINK
  • NC: Buncombe County - Primary turnout expected to be low LINK
  • NC: Mecklenburg County - Voting gear set for 1st big test LINK
  • NC: Wake County - Tuesday's elections big test for new voting machines LINK
  • NY: Department of Justice Agrees to New York Plan to Delay HAVA Implementation LINK
  • NY: Westchester County - A mini-rebellion averted as town transfers voting keys LINK
  • OH: Ohio voters must be sure they press final button. Poll workers can't cast ballots for those who err on touch-screen devices LINK
  • OH: Voting's new look. High-tech machines will greet voters Tuesday; some remain skeptical LINK
  • OH: From punching to coloring. Voters will make change LINK
  • PA: Allegheny County � Major Lawsuit in Allegheny County PA Ends In Loss For Citizen Group LINK
  • TN: Gibson County - Voting just got harder after 4 precincts close in Gibson Co. LINK
  • TN: Monroe County - Early voting closes; Tuesday is Election Day (Hart eSlate) LINK
  • TX: Strayhorn calls chief of elections biased LINK
  • WV: Mercer County - Officials feverishly working to ready touchscreens for Primary LINK
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