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By Desi Doyen on 10/10/2013, 3:57pm PT  

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IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Shutdown's 'non-essential' food safety workers discovered essential after all in widespread salmonella outbreak; International community moving forward on climate solutions; Natural Gas War on Coal closes dirty coal plants; "The New Normal" - a time frame for climate change; PLUS: Climate science deniers now denied access to the L.A. Times ... All that and more in today's Green News Report!

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IN 'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (see links below): VIDEO: What’s Funnier than a Climate Denier at a Science Fair?; Latest leak at Fukushima plant contaminates 6 workers; ND suffers first big oil spill; Drought the culprit behind CO pine-beetle epidemic; Big Oil sues over ethanol mandate; Enviros urge WGBH to dump Koch on board; Shell exec says oil companies could lead in carbon capture technology; Shutdown means a delay in Keystone XL pipeline review ... PLUS: Fusion "Breakthrough" at NIF? [Uh, Not Really] … and much, MUCH more! ...


'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (Stuff we didn't have time for in today's audio report)...

  • VIDEO: What’s Funnier than a Climate Denier at a Science Fair? (Climate Crocks): The League of Conservation Voters strikes again with a funny video featuring a climate denying Dad who crashes his daughter’s science fair. Oceanographer Josh Willis has a cameo.
  • STUDY: Media Sowed Doubt In Coverage Of UN Climate Report: False Balance And "Pause" Dominated IPCC Coverage (Media Matters):
    A study of coverage of the recent United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report finds that many mainstream media outlets amplified the marginal viewpoints of those who doubt the role of human activity in warming the planet, even though the report itself reflects that the climate science community is more certain than ever that humans are the major driver of climate change.
  • Fusion "Breakthrough" at NIF? Uh, Not Really … (Science Magazine):
    One unintended effect of the U.S. federal shutdown is that helpful press officers at government labs are not available to provide a reality check to some of the wilder stories that can catch fire on the Internet. They would have come in handy this week, when a number of outlets jumped on a report on the BBC News website. The National Ignition Facility (NIF) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, it reported, had passed a "nuclear fusion milestone." NIF uses the world's highest energy laser system to crush tiny pellets containing a form of hydrogen fuel to enormous temperature and pressure. The aim is to get the hydrogen nuclei to fuse together into helium atoms, releasing energy.
  • North Dakota suffers first big oil spill (Reuters):
    A Tesoro Logistics LP pipeline has spilled more than 20,000 barrels of crude oil into a rural North Dakota field, the biggest leak in the state since it became a major U.S. producer.
  • Latest leak at Japana's Fukushima plant contaminates 6 workers: (Reuters):
    Six workers at Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant were exposed to a leak of highly radioactive water on Wednesday, the latest in a string of mishaps the country's nuclear watchdog has attributed to carelessness, saying they could have been avoided.
  • Massive Spruce Beetle Outbreak In Colorado Caused By Drought: CU-Boulder Study (Huffington Post Green):
    “It was interesting that drought was a better predictor for spruce beetle outbreaks than temperature,” said Sarah Hart, CU-Boulder doctoral student and lead study author, in a statement. "The study suggests that spruce beetle outbreaks occur when warm and dry conditions cause stress in the host trees.”
  • Big Oil sues over ethanol mandate: (Gannet News Service):
    The oil industry Tuesday filed a lawsuit with the U.S.
    Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia challenging the government's estimate of how much ethanol must be blended into the U.S. fuel supply this year.
  • After Fukushima Disaster, Advocates Argue Only Safe Nuclear Power Is None At All (Huffington Post)
  • Nuclear plants vexed at prices that shift as demand does: (NY Times):
    As costs and competition from cheap natural gas force more old nuclear plants to shut down, their owners have a new complaint: the electricity market is rigged against them.
  • Senators urge protesction of Hanford whistleblower: (L. A. Times):
    Two U.S. senators angered by the firing of whistle-blower Walter Tamosaitis from the contaminated Hanford, Wash., nuclear site sharply criticized the U.S. secretary of Energy on Wednesday.
  • Enviros urge WGBH to drop Koch from board over climate misinformation: (Huffington Post Green):
    An environmental activist group wants Boston's public television and radio affiliate to bump billionaire conservative donor David Koch from its board of trustees over his position on climate change.
  • Shell Exec Says Oil Companies Might Become Carbon Capture Ones (MIT): An expert from Shell says that oil companies, with their deep knowledge of geophysics, are well-suited to pioneer carbon capture and storage technology.
  • U.S. government shutdown could delay Keystone XL pipeline review (Reuters):
    "We cannot make any predictions on the timing - we haven't before and can't now," the official said. "We are working as best as we can under the circumstances," to finalize the draft review.
  • How to Slice a Global Carbon Pie? (NY Times) [emphasis added]:
    [T]o have the best chance of not exceeding the international target for global warming of 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, society can burn no more than about 1 trillion tons of carbon, in the form of fossil fuels, and spew the resulting gases into the atmosphere. More than half that carbon budget has been used already.
    In essence, the scientists were putting a big carbon pie on the table and asking: How are we going to carve this thing up?
  • Who created the global warming 'pause'? (Chris Mooney, Grist):
    How did a narrative almost opposite to the scientific consensus that human activities are causing climate change get started? Misinformation was spread by climate skeptics, aided by journalists and scientists themselves.
  • VIDEO: Panel Says We're Close to 'Danger Point' (Weather Channel)
  • What Our Idyllic, Non-Dystopian Future Would Look Like If We Fixed the World (Motherboard/VICE):
    The book, The World We Made: Alex McKay's Story from 2050, is told through the perspective of Alex, the non gender-specific protagonist living in the year 2050, reflecting on how the world came back from the brink of destruction. It's due to come out next month.

  • Skeptical Science: Database with FULL DEBUNKING of ALL Climate Science Denier Myths
  • Warning: Even in the best-case scenario, climate change will kick our asses (Grist)
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  • NASA Video: Warming over the last 130 years, and into the next 100 years:
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