By Brad Friedman on 9/23/2004, 6:12pm PT  

I just saw an ad on Fox from (I believe) the "Progress for America Voter Fund" that was almost identical to the Bush Campaign's own silly "Windsurfing" ad.

I can't find the PFA's ad online, but if someone out here in the blogosphere has more info on it I'd appreciate it. Along with an explanation of how an almost identical ad was released by a 527 for Bush the day after the Bush campaign themselves released a virtually identical ad when the campaigns and political parties are not supposed to be coordinating with 527's.

Anyone have any info on that? It was during the 5pm PT / 8pm ET O'Reilly show if anyone happens to have it TIVO'd. I'd love to make sure it was from PFA and/or get their website address and/or compare the ads online!

UPDATE: Okay, the ad ran again during Hannity & Colmes and I got the website address. It's from the "Progress for America Voter Fund" at Both ads show Kerry windsurfing, both ads use the text "whichever way the wind blows". Take a look:

+ Bush's "Windsurfing" ad here
+ PFA Voter Funds "Surfer Dude" ad here (Large Version / Small Version)