By Brad Friedman on 3/15/2008, 12:47pm PT  

Blogged by Brad from Phoenix, AZ...

"Alegre", a longtime Daily Kos diarist, has called for a writers' strike at the world's largest supposedly-Progressive blog site, due to what she says has become a "hostile environment" for pro-Clinton supporters.

She writes that the place has become "little more than an echo chamber with an attitude that harkens back to the early days of Dubbya’s administration - yer either with us or yer a’gin us, heh!"

We don't know whether that's the case or not, since we haven't much followed what goes on at dKos for years for our own personal, if not necessarily unrelated, reasons.

If you really want to get the attention of a blog owner, however, we'd suggest a readers' strike is far more likely to accomplish that goal, since the business model for such operations relies on reader traffic to help set ad prices.

Want to make sure the folks running dKos take notice of your concerns? Stop hitting those pages in big numbers --- yes, even checking for new comments counts as a new page view for advertisers --- and believe us, they'll notice. That is, if you believe getting at their bottom line is useful towards getting them to behave more responsibly --- and more progressively --- over there.

[Full Disclosure...since we believe in such things, even if the owner and front-pagers at dKos do not...

We've had our own recent run-ins with the gate-keepers there who have inappropriately attempted to marginalize The BRAD BLOG and other Election Integrity advocates a number of times in recent weeks with inaccurate, defamatory, unsupported, and evidence-free allegations, even while they've had their own undisclosed, highly-unethical, interest-conflicted reasons for doing so in several such cases. We don't wish to re-hash it all today, but you can peruse the matter for yourself in great detail via our Daily Kos category, which offers a number of articles describing the disgraceful, irresponsible, and self-destructive record of behavior of many of those in charge of the once-important dKos daily machine, including Markos Moultisas himself, and some of his front pagers such as Dana "DHinMI" Houle, who was, until recently, the chief of staff to a U.S. Congressman from New Hampshire.

Houle's embarrassing lack of disclosure occurred while he was busy hurling childish insults and inaccurate accusations at those of us who'd accurately documented massive failures in NH's unforgivably bad election system, which he was furiously defending by abusing his powerful position to offer wholly misleading information to his readers.

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