By John Gideon on 12/19/2007, 6:59pm PT  

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Now that Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffman has followed state law and found that nearly every voting system used in the state has problems resulting in decertification or conditional certification of those systems, he wants the laws changed to make voting system certification easier.

He claims he doesn’t want to change requirements for security or accuracy but, on the other hand, he thinks a change to state law to allow the vendors to install software patches following an abbreviated certification process, with no federal testing or certification, would be good.

He also doesn’t want to be bothered with state certification testing, looking instead to other states for their test results. Of course this would allow him to pick and chose between states.

California decertified Diebold/Premier voting systems and recertified them with conditions. Colorado did not decertify their Diebold/Premier machines. Perhaps Coffman would rather look at testing done by Washington state where there is next to no testing other than an acceptability test done on vendor provided equipment with vendor provided test ballots? He clearly doesn’t like the results of his own testing so he is searching for a test that will give him what he considers to be acceptable results.

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