The Pro-HR811 Crowd Unleash All Manner of Personal Attacks Against Those Who Dare Oppose Thier Beloved Legislation as Written...
By Brad Friedman on 6/18/2007, 2:00pm PT  

We've alluded to it before, and even in this article we'll not adequately reveal the depths to which some in the Election Integrity community have plumbed, but the Pro-HR811 folks are in full-court PR press mode of late in order to see Rush Holt's Election Reform bill passed in the U.S. House. By hook or by crook.

Despite claims passed on by supporters that the bill would come up for a full House vote in the past week or two, no such vote came to pass, although one could be scheduled at any time now that the bill has left committee. Inquiries seeking information on an official date for such a floor vote, sent by The BRAD BLOG to Holt's once-responsive legislative aide working on the legislation, have not been answered.

We too would like to see some version of the bill passed. But as it currently stands there are too many enormous flaws in the bill to earn our support, as we've discussed on these pages in great detail. (Here's one recent example.) As we've described, one of our greatest concerns is the bill's institutionalization of Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) touch-screen voting machines for use in American democracy. Such systems, even with the so-called "Voter-Verified Paper Audit Trails" (VVPATs) mandated by the bill --- and perhaps especially with such a mandate --- are antithetical to democracy, as they allow no way for voters to ever verify their invisible electronic ballots as accurate before or after the votes are cast and counted. The VVPATs themselves, as mandated by Holt, are also another problem which may make elections easier to steal, rather than harder. But we'll go into more detail on that at a later date.

There are a host of other reasons why DREs should never be used. Most supporters of Holt's bill --- except for People for the American Way (PFAW), which actually prefers such machines to paper-based systems --- recognize that. Nonethless, they've allowed PFAW and Holt's office to snow them into believing that a DRE ban could not pass in a Democratic Congress, while apparently the Republican dominated House and Senate in Florida, of all places, were able to ban such machines once and for all. Go figure.

As we described recently, it seems that none of the folks who've bought into the "DRE ban can't pass Congress" line seem to have bothered to ask for any evidence of the premise before passing it on to others. Or if they have, they've yet to share the evidence with the public, so that we might lobby those Congress Members who currently support the Holt bill, but would vote against it if it included a ban on DREs, so that the public might either educate them or otherwise discover and expose their reasons for supporting such dangerous machines in our democracy.

Anyway, the propaganda campaign from the pro-Holters is in full swing right now both behind and in front of the scenes as they place editorials and work the back-channel email lists. In the process --- and with the at least passive approval of Holt's office --- they seem hell-bent on destroying the character of any and all who they perceive as being in their way. Yours truly is no exception, of course, as we've been ruthlessly savaged by many of the "loudest" folks who want to see Holt passed --- even if they need to make stuff up about it and/or otherwise mislead Americans and Congress Members about what the bill actually does and doesn't do.

By way of example, see the email posted in full below, as written by's Joyce McCloy, an ardent pro-Holter and forwarded by another, Kathy Dopp of It was posted and then circulated to several large Election Integrity email lists. We can't help but highlight one of the grafs which refers to us directly, if only for the irony --- sure to be lost on the authors --- of our highlighting the charge here in the first place...

You'll find us in the email referred to as "THE HINDENBURG OF EGOS" --- a charge, we'll presume, based on both jealousy over our stunning good looks, and by way of justifying claims of Holt supporters that we make so much money from our Election Integrity advocacy, that we're against the "real election reform" offered by the Holt bill since it would somehow negatively effect our pocketbook. If that's what they mean, then it seems our satire-impaired friends have made a Titanic miscalculation of both our interest in defending democracy, and the deleterious effect that such duty has on our ability to do stuff like eat and pay rent.

Either way, in the "Hindenburg" graf concerning us, you'll note the mischaracterization of an article of ours detailing the PFAW/Holt Hoax mentioned above. In the article, McCloy describes us as "blabbering on about HR 811" (true, it was a long, detailed and well-evidenced piece) and includes her claim that we've charged "its all Vote Trust USA's fault." Of course, we haven't. While the leadership of is certainly a conduit of the hoax --- perhaps a willing one, and they've surely been less than forthcoming with their member organizations on all manner of things concerning their lobbying and support of HR811 --- they are more the victim of the overall dishonest strategy to force this thing through as-is, than the perpetrators thereof.

As you'll see in the email below, the oil fields are now on fire and no Election Integrity advocate is safe, unless they agree with the passage of the flawed Holt bill. (DISLOSURE: We helped write the bill prior to its introduction, and yet still cannot support it at this time, due to several key flaws.)

While debate on this landmark act is healthy, welcome and more than appropriate, such debate should be engaged in honestly, respectfully, and with full transparency concerning both the pros and cons of the bill. America deserves that much, and EI folks, of all people, should know that. Yet woe be to the EI advocate who fails to support Holt for whatever reason. Principled stands, it seems, are less than welcome in a vast swath of the Electoral Integrity community these days...

From: [] On Behalf Of Kathy Dopp
Sent: Wednesday, June 06, 2007 1:23 AM
To: elections [at]
Subject: [Elections-UT] Fwd: HR 811 Supporters Stand Up

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: jmc27106@[redacted for privacy]
Date: Jun 5, 2007 11:05 PM
Subject: HR 811 Supporters Stand Up

Its time to play offense and not so much defense.

HR 811 is getting alot of attacks, but just a little help from each of us, can help!
- See easy things you can do.

First we'll cover the list of offensive actions (pro-active, good, positive action) and then the defense (must do),



Too many voters are still stuck with paperless voting machines --- machines that are vulnerable to tampering and malfunction.

A new bill in Congress would ban paperless voting. It's got enough support to pass, but time is short. This week, the Democratic leadership is deciding what Congress will take up next. If they don't put voting on the agenda, there simply won't be time to make the change by the 2008 presidential election.

We need Congress to ban paperless voting before it's too late.

Can you help out by signing this petition to Congress? It's really easy --- just click the link below:



Post or comment on as many blogs as you have access to about the need for this legislation.
We need to get out in front and either create our own original blogs in support of HR 811, or we need to blog about someone else's great write up in favor of HR 811 and why its important to read, and urge people to support HR 811 too. Counter the oppositions major spamming effort.


Don't give Bev Harris a "free pass" . Correct her misleading and ridiculous article.
Bev is knocking herself out with the slamming of HR-811. Has another ditty today.
"Call to action: Kill the bill that federalizes secret vote counting"

Go to the above link and post comments that show that not everyone is brainwashed by Bev.
(Even if you only post just one sentence it will leave an impression on other readers).

Her article is featured at the top of OpEdNews. Don't let Nancy slide. Correct her slanted and misleading piece.
HR 811 (The Holt Bill): Time to put us out of its misery
Go to the above link and post comments that show that some people have read the bill and know that Nancy is off base big time.

or any list you are a member of. It is getting spammed with anti HR 811 messages.

"Mainstreet Moms ( Organize or Bust is a grassroots organization committed to the accelerated engagement and participation of citizens in the restoration of our democracy.." Sign up here

Brad Friedman has a piece up blabbering on about HR 811, and when criticizing it, its all Vote Trust USA's fault.
You can post comments there, and while Brad will post a lengthy and long winded rebuttal, unless he chickens out and deletes your comment, people will see another view point.


I just was told by a listener to the Thom Hartmann show (hosted at the
time by Peter Collins) that Collins was soliciting listeners to ask
their Congresscritters to vote against HR811.

*We need to get Pro Hr 811 speakers on Hartmann's show soon.


Look for them to try to get Dean and Edwards to make some statements that can be used to fight HR 811.
We need someone to tell Howard Dean and John Edwards what kind of event they're really speaking at. John Edwards would never speak at an anti-election reform conference if he knew that was the agenda of the organizers. Can anyone get word to JE and HD?

4th Annual DemocracyFest, June 9 - 10, 2007

Submitted by DemFestAdmin on 14 November, 2006 - 2:23am.

Come join us at DemocracyFest - the Exciting Annual Festival for the Progressive Grassroots! You'll return home with renewed commitment and the skills to make a difference! Back on the East Coast after swings through California and Texas, we hope you'll join us in Bedford, NH on June 9 & 10. Sign up for the 4th Annual DemocracyFest today!

The Line-up

* Gov. Howard Dean, DNC Chair (speech free & open to public)
* Sen. John Edwards
* Sen. Mike Gravel
* Doris "Granny D" Haddock
* Rep. Carol Shea-Porter
* Rep. Paul Hodes
* William McNary, President, USAction
* Bev Harris
* Mark Crispin Miller
* Jim Dean
* Sec of State William Gardner
* Asst. Sec of State Anthony Stevens
* Charlie Grapski
* Jean Sara Rohe
* Carlos and Melida Arredondo
* Paul Twomey
* Asst. Clerk, Manchester, Carol Johnson
* Danville Moderator, Wally Fries


Information about HR 811 here

Passing judgment on HR 811: A classic case of "the blind men and the elephant"

In case you may not have noticed, there is a titanic controversy swirling about the Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act of 2007 (HR 811). Many highly thoughtful individuals are expounding diametrically opposing views of the portents of a document only about 30 pages long in 12-point text. How is this possible?...

Your vote at risk: why you must care about HR 811

There's a very important bill that will reach the floor of the House of Representatives soon.
Its very importance may well be the reason you haven't heard of it. The political and media forces that brought us an illegal, insupportable, and immoral war in Iraq can hardly be counted on to tell you how best to protect your vote.

E-Voting Threatens Election Integrity By Timothy B. Lee May 23, 2007
Rush Holt's bill, which was recently approved by a House committee, would be a big improvement.

ACM Applauds Committee Vote on E-Voting Reform Legislation By Association for Computing Machinery May 15, 2007

Brennan Center Expresses Support for H.R. 811

On May 7, 2007, the Brennan Center expressed its support for H.R. 811, the Increased Voter Confidence and Accessibility Act of 2007. This bill would implement many the key recommendations for addressing security and reliability flaws in electronic voting systems analyzed in the Brennan Center's June 2006 report, The Machinery of Democracy: Protecting Elections in an Electronic World.

The Real Rush Holt Stands Up

There have been so many insinuations that Holt is the tool of interests or has himself an interest in subverting our democracy that its important to bring some facts into the picture.

Project Vote Smart tracks elected officials votes, their positions, and much more data.
It has a drop-down where you can select an issue and then see how Holt voted.
Here's a link to Rush Holt's voting record page

Guess how Holt voted on the Iraq War in 2002, when it really mattered? NOT to give the president authority to wage war there. You can also see how he answered the questionnaire of which issues he would support once in office here.

It's important to know who are allies are, as well as who are adversaries are.


Joyce McCloy
Founder, NC Coalition for Verified Voting
[phone number redacted for privacy, see explanation below --- BF]
jmc27106@ [redacted for privacy]

Kathy Dopp

The material expressed herein is the informed product of the author Kathy Dopp's fact-finding and investigative efforts. Dopp is a Mathematician, Expert in election audit mathematics and procedures; in exit poll discrepancy analysis; and can be reached at

P.O. Box 680192
Park City, UT 84068
phone 435-658-4657

Election Audit Mathematics Bibliography


Support Clean Elections in 2008

Important Facts About The Voter Confidence & Increased Accessibility Act (HR811)

"Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day," wrote Thomas Jefferson in 1816

CLARIFICATION: Joyce McCloy of was contacted several times over the past several weeks, by The BRAD BLOG, prior to the publication of this article, to ask if she preferred her organization's email address and phone number be included in this article as it was posted publicly to many large mailing lists in her original email. She did not respond to our queries. She has still failed to contact us, despite phone calls and many emails from her in the past. Nonetheless, after publication of this article, a fellow Holt-supporter --- in yet another scathing note, describing us as an "unbelievable hypocrite" for including NCVoter's information --- forwarded a message from McCloy complaining about us to another large mailing list. Ironically, the forward also included (again) the email address and phone number of McCloy's organization as she uses in all of her emails.

The idea of blasting us, however, for having run it seems of more interest to her than sending a note requesting we remove the information. As BRAD BLOG readers know, we do not post private information from anyone without their permission, and do not believe we did so here. The contact info for was left in as a courtesy to McCloy, just as it was for Dopp, as both were queried more than once, prior to this article's publication. We have now removed the information, as based on the notes McCloy sent out to others complaining about it.

Again, she has never contacted us to request we remove the information. We have done so, nonetheless, on the presumption that her complaints to others, and forwarded to us by others, were sincere. Of course, we regret any inadvertent inconvenience caused to McCloy.

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