By John Gideon on 6/13/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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According to an article on BRAD BLOG a recent study by a doctoral candidate at Rice University found that approximately two-thirds of voters failed to notice malicious changes made to their DRE review screens during mock election testing. Approximately two-thirds of another group of voters failed to notice vote swapping that took place on their review screen. If two-thirds of voters do not review the review screen when voting on a DRE what makes anyone believe that voters will verify a voter verified paper audit trail printed by a printer on the side of their machine?

Also the EAC announced [PDF] today that they have terminated the interim accreditation of CIBER Labs due to a lack of required notification of key personnel changes. Wyle notified the EAC that Shawn Southworth left CIBER and went to work for them. CIBER apparently forgot to make that notification.

Links to those stories, and the other notable voting news items today, all listed below...

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  • NAtional: Commission Votes to Terminate CIBER Interim Accreditation LINK
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  • AK: Yup'ik voters need more, lawsuit says
    Oral, written help at polls lacks, ACLU claims. LINK
  • FL: FL-13 - D-13 race resolution could be months away LINK
  • FL: Martin County - Electronic voting with paper trail coming to Martin County LINK
  • FL: Orange County - Orange budget allots $2.2M for voting machines
    Commissioners approve next year's election spending and delay fire-hydrant repairs. LINK
  • FL: Sarasota County - Sidelined congressional hopeful takes on election reform LINK
  • MD: Annapolis - Plan aims to ease voting
    Moyer proposes use of provisional ballots in Annapolis elections LINK
  • ME: Waldboro - Absentee Ballots Reduce Lines in Waldoboro LINK
  • OH: Cuyahoga County - Elections Board Swears In New Director
    Platten Replaces Former BOE Director Michael Vu LINK
  • WV: Counties: Paper ballots for referenda easier, cheaper LINK
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