Election Chief Arthur Anderson, Who Filed Complaint with Palm Beach Sheriff, Says Office Never Contacted Him After Closing Case Following Questionable FBI Intervention in Matter
Continues to Mull Decision on Whether to Further Pursue Charges in Light of Recent GOP 'Voter Fraud' Claims in the News...
By Brad Friedman on 5/14/2007, 3:28pm PT  

The Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections is dubious about the explanation by the apparent vote fraudster, Ann Coulter, that she used her realtor's address on her voter registration application for fear of stalkers, The BRAD BLOG has learned. Further, when the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office closed their investigation into the documented allegations in April, following an unusual call from an FBI agent, the election chief who had brought the complaint to the PBSO was never notified.

"The whole claim of stalkers was very strange to me," Dr. Arthur Anderson, Supervisor of Elections in Palm Beach, told us in a phone call today. He wondered why the claim hadn't come up before now.

"I found it to be rather ironic that no action was ever taken to conceal her location, her home address, etc., until now that this issue has come up," in relation to allegations that she committed a third-degree felony by knowingly using the wrong address on her registration form, and then voting at the wrong precinct as she did in 2006.

Anderson's comments echoed those of Thomas Jefferson School of Law professor Gregg P. Miller who told us yesterday that the "stalker" claim sound like "a load of bull." He told us via email that if Coulter "were trying to avoid a stalker, she would not have purchased her house in her own name," and added that she would have used "a trust or an LLC " to avoid exposure for her home address on public records.

On Friday, Palm Beach Post's Jose Lambiet reported that Anderson's requested investigation had been shut down --- failing to even interview Coulter --- after an agent from the FBI Academy's Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico, VA, contacted the local detective working on the case to instruct her that Coulter's use of a phony address was somehow related to an investigation of his, in which no charges have ever been brought, concerning a "stalker."

Later that day, The BRAD BLOG revealed that the "Special Supervisory Agent" in question, Jim Fitzgerald, seems to have been an ex-boyfriend of Coulter's who may have intervened on her behalf on a number of occassions. His questionable involvement in Coulter's voter fraud case in Palm Beach has spurred an internal investigation, according to the Post.

Anderson also told us that, though the PBSO investigation which began at his request in January had been shut down on April 12, he has never been notified and still has not been sent a copy of their final report.

"Had it not been for someone from the press contacting me, I'd not have known about it," he told us. "I had not heard anything back from the detective that took the case, which is funny since I was told initially that I'd hear back within a few weeks, even for a progress report or something as things moved forward."

"I've still never heard back from them. So to hear they closed the case from someone else is very troubling," he said, adding that he was planning to send the PBSO a letter "to inquire about the reasons for that."

He confirmed comments given to AP on Friday, that, after going through three different law enforcement agencies, and with new election laws recently passed in Florida, it was difficult for him to pursue the case much further. He had previously suggested that his next stop would be the Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement if PBSO declined to take on the case.

"Given the new election reform matters that we have to deal with, I'm not inclined to spend much more time on Ms. Coulter," he told us, though he added he was not previously aware of the "FBI boyfriend" angle we reported yesterday and that current issues in the news concerning GOP claims of "voter fraud" could change his thinking.

When we told him about the allegations that the FBI man had been a former lover of Coulter's, Anderson laughed and said, "that figures."...

Concerning the appropriateness of the FBI revealing the name of someone to be "a stalker" --despite no charges having been brought and claims of an FBI "investigation" --- Anderson agreed that it was "very suprising. But," he continued, "if they'd reveal the name of a CIA agent [Valerie Plame] I guess this shouldn't be any surprise either."

The man claimed to be Coulter's "stalker" by Special Agent Fitzgerald --- without offering any evidence to that effect --- was conservative Christian BRAD BLOG Guest Blogger Daniel Borchers, who has frequently written about Coulter here, as well as elsewhere. Borchers is founder of Citizens for Principled Conservatism and has been a long time critic of the Republican superstar for what he describes as her damage to the real conservative movement in America.

After discussing the larger relevancy of Coulter's alleged felony voter fraud with Anderson --- particularly in light of the broad GOP scheme to disenfranchise Democratic-leaning voters via unsupported claims of massive voter fraud by Democrats and the conspiracy to use such claims in the politicization of the DoJ revealed by the U.S. Attorney Purge scandal --- the election chief agreed that pursuing the matter may have important national implications.

He was aware of the recent landmark New York Times article detailing Draconian measures --- including imprisonment and deportation --- taken by the DoJ against African-American and other ethnic minorities who had submitted voter registration forms accidentally or in unknowing violation of local laws. In many of those cases, unlike Coulter's, the person in question never actually voted.

"I'll certainly give the matter some more thought" along those lines, said Anderson, who "became the first African-American elected to a Constitutional Office in the County" when he was elected in August of 2004, according to his official biography posted at the Palm Beach County election website.

Coulter had signed an oath affirming "all information" included on her voter registration form was true, and that "if it is not true, I can be convicted of a felony of the third degree and fined up to $5,000 and/or imprisoned for up to five years."

In comments posted to The BRAD BLOG Sunday night, Miller, who teaches legal ethics at the San Diego law school, cited the Florida statute of which Coulter seems to be in clear violation:

"A person who willfully submits any false voter registration information commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083." F.S.A. 104.011(2).

Miller also posted part of a Florida Supreme Court ruling which speaks specifically to the actions by Coulter, who is an attorney herself, as currently admitted to the New York Bar Association:

"The statute denounces willful and corrupt false swearing or affirming when interrogated as to one's qualifications as an elector."

Leavine v. State, 133 So. 870, 872 (Fla.1931)

The BRAD BLOG will, of course, continue to follow developments in this story...

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