By John Gideon on 1/26/2007, 4:29pm PT  

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According to an article in the Albany [NY] Times Union, Ciber has decided to give to the NY State Board of Elections, under the threat of subpoena, paperwork that shows why they were denied interim accreditation by the EAC. Even as the EAC obfuscates and stonewalls all efforts to get this paperwork, Ciber turned it over to officials yesterday. According to the article the paperwork shows that Ciber was understaffed and failed to correctly document its testing. What is the EAC hiding? Is it that both Executive Director Wilkey and Commissioner Davidson served together on the same National Association of State Election Directors (NASED) board that had previously certified Ciber’s work? A board that had an “ex-officio” member, Shawn Southworth, who is the only Ciber staff? // Then today the EAC, having been shown-up by Ciber, posted all of their documents on their website. The documents include a letter from the EAC to Ciber, dated today, that clearly chides Ciber for providing the documents to New York. The documents can all be found here...

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