By John Gideon on 1/9/2007, 4:53pm PT  

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“Voting machines are different from other things bought by a government. In purchasing voting equipment, election officials must rely heavily on the integrity, honesty and reliability of the vendor selling them this equipment."--Gary Greenhalgh, VP ES&S. The same Gary Greenhalgh who was President of the Election Center and worked for convicted felon Ransom Shoup of Shouptronic fame and with MicroVote, another voting machine company with a checkered past. / "The 2006 election was a success: Most of the millions of Americans who cast their ballots did so with confidence. Despite some isolated problems, exit polls showed that in 98 percent of U.S. jurisdictions, the process worked so well that voter confidence rose to levels not seen since before Election 2000." This according to EAC Commissioner and Chief Blower of Smoke, Paul DeGregorio....

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