By John Gideon on 6/20/2006, 4:42pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org

"Candidates, prior to conceding, should obtain detailed vote count data that is normally withheld from the public and have it independently analyzed." (Proposal from the National Election Data Archive)

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  • NAtional: No Confidence in Election to Replace Cunningham; Momentum Builds for 100 Percent Count of Paper Ballots in CA-50 LINK
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  • NY: Nassau County - Election flap headed to court. Just before polls open, State Supreme Court judge to rule on legitimacy of voter registration rolls LINK
  • OH: Belmont County - County Elections Budget to Increase LINK
  • PA: Centre County - Elections board picks electronic voting machines LINK
  • TN: Anderson County - Early voting urged with arrival of county's new eSlate machines LINK
  • UT: State Halts Production of Voter Pamphlets in Spanish LINK
  • UT: English-only now lurks at the ballot box LINK
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