By John Gideon on 2/14/2006, 4:55pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org

Smartmatic paid up to $35M for Sequoia Voting Systems last year, depending on performance. This year they contracted with Cook County and Chicago, Illinois to sell them voting machines worth $50.2M. For that amount of money the state of Illinois could have bought the whole company. A court in Pennsylvania found that at least one county needed to go to the people and ask them, via referendum, how they want to vote. The Arizona legislature rejected a hand audit. Regular readers of DVN will recall that VoteTrustUSA has been sponsoring an Action Alert to ask voters to notify the EAC and demand that they take action with regards to the use of banned software on some voting systems. You all are responsible for 20,113 Emails and 2220 letters sent so far!...

  • NAtional: Twists and Turns - Who Owns Sequoia? LINK
  • AZ: Lawmakers reject hand count of votes. (5% hand counted audit) LINK
  • AZ: SB1557- A Day of Tragedy for Democracy in Arizona LINK
  • CA: Vendors, Testers, and Secretary of State Decline Invitation To Voting System Hearing LINK
  • CA: San Francisco Election Director Plans To Use Uncertified Voting Machines LINK
  • CA: Santa Cruz County - Get set to vote by mail LINK
  • CO: Vote-machine laws trip counties LINK
  • FL: Leon County - Sancho wants grant back LINK
  • IL: Illinois Certification - a Recipe for Disaster? LINK
  • IL: Are Chicago and Cook County Wasting $25 million on Inferior, Non-Compliant Voting Technology? LINK
  • MO: Photo ID foe says bill smacks of 'Jim Crow' era LINK
  • MS: Bond would finance new voting machines LINK
  • MS: Jackson County - State gives voting machines LINK
  • NC: Wake County - Paper ballots to stay in Wake LINK
  • NC: Wake County - County commissioners vote against touch-screen voting machines LINK
  • NM: Paper Ballot Bill Passes State Senate LINK
  • NM: Senate Approves Paper Ballot Voting Systems LINK
  • PA: Luzerne County - New voting machines face hurdle LINK
  • PA: Westmoreland County - Voters must OK machines LINK
  • PA: Westmoreland County - Voting machine purchase blocked LINK
  • PA: Westmoreland County - Judge: vote required for purchase of electronic voting machines LINK
  • TX: Navarro County - County, City closing in on election day agreement LINK
  • VA: Appropriations Subcommittee Votes to Delay HB 1243 Til Next Year LINK
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