Conyers: 'There can be no doubt that today we are in a constitutional crisis'
Constitutional Attorney Jonathon Turley: 'What the President committed was a crime'; Admission to Re-Authorizing Illegal NSA taps 30 times was 'most extraordinary thing I've ever ever heard'
By Brad Friedman on 1/20/2006, 8:40am PT  

The Democratic led hearings on the illegal, warrantless spying of Americans on U.S. soil by the Bush Administration's NSA is currently being aired LIVE on C-SPAN 1!

Despite the House of Representatives being currently in recess, once again the Republicans have refused to give Chairman John Conyers, ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, and his distinguished panel, a formal hearing room. So, as with their hearings on the "Downing Street Documents" last year, they're back in the basement this morning.

RAW STORY has Conyers' opening statement.

C-SPAN's online streaming seems to be down, however, the live audio of the hearings is available via Pacifica radio.

(We'll try to update this item if possible, despite a very busy schedule this morning! Those who are listening/watching, feel free to "Live Blog" anything you like in Comments!)