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Blogathon Blitz
By Winter Patriot on 6/23/2005, 11:51pm PT  

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

Hi again, gang! It's me again, your lowly and nearly frozen guest blogger, with another public service announcement:

I'm sure you'll all remember our friend Steve. He's been playing the role of central planning coordinator for the rapidly approaching Blogathon, which as I am sure you will all remember is slated for early next month --- July 8-11 ... Write that down, BradBloggers!

Please take a minute to read --- and a few minutes to act on --- Steve's latest message:

The Blogathon plans continue to move forward. We now have a flyer for the event, courtesy of Shadowtwinchaos, that you can link to for downloading, printing, e-mailing, posting, making paper airplanes out of and whatever else you can think of. You can click here to see a WORD version of the document that you can print or download. You can Right-Click on that same link and choose "Save Target as..." to save the document on your computer, so you can print it or e-mail it as needed.

{UPDATE}: our friend Torqued has created a web page and a JPEG image, so that those of us who cannot handle WORD documents can still join in the fun. Click here for the web page and/or here for the JPEG.

Thanks, Torqued!

Sorry to interrupt you there, Steve. You were saying...

Because things continue to evolve in the planning for the Blogathon/Fundraiser, this may not be the final version of this document, but it is the one to use for now, so please use it to try to get the word out to as many people, places and things as you can! It will be your efforts in this regard that will determine how successful this event is, so even if you don't have the money to donate to Brad and his causes, you can help him fund his incredibly worthwhile endeavors by getting the word of this event out there.

I want to mention one more thing here and, since I know Brad is not into being overly commercial, I hope he won't mind. I will preface this by saying that these are entirely unsolicited comments and are solely my words and opinions.

We will have some REALLY great BradBlog T-Shirts (among other items) for this event. I have dealt with a lot of vendors in trying to get these items ready but NONE of them have approached Michael Draper, co-owner of Heretik Shirts, in their efficiency, responsiveness, progressiveness or their generosity in helping and supporting us in getting merchandise and raising funds for Brad and the Blogathon. During the Blogathon only, he is making it possible to sell these t-shirts for just his wholesale costs for the unprinted shirts, plus the $4.00 Brad will get for each shirt (and will continue to get when BradBlog shirts are sold by Heretik thereafter), plus tax and shipping. Mike's company is donating its services for the printing and production of these shirts for the Blogathon. This will mean that the shirts will be considerably cheaper during the event only and will sell at their regular (still very fair) price on the Heretik website thereafter. These are high quality shirts that will be available in a selection of colors and sizes and are all made in the U.S.A., sweatshop-free by American Apparel, in Los Angeles.

Heretik is the entrepreneurial effort of 3 early 20's guys with a progressive mindset that is the kind of REAL pro-America effort we should all be supporting. They are also sponsors of The BRAD SHOW on RAW RADIO. Check out their website before, during and after the Blogathon at

* The Blogathon is conceived, planned and produced by 6 or 7 Bradbloggers (in other words, don't blame Brad). Any unauthorized reproduction of this information will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again to Steve for all his work in coordinating the planning for this exciting summer fundraiser.

In case you missed the details in Steve's previous announcements, I'm here to help you find them. The "initial press release" is here and our first "gentle reminder" is here.

OK? Good! That's enough reading... NOW Download that Flyer!! and start spreading it around!!!

the '6 or 7' ... being the media ... because if we don't do it, nobody else is gonna!

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