By Brad Friedman on 7/19/2023, 10:16am PT  

Hey! Evidence suggests it's my birthday week around here. It’s like I keep getting older each and every year or something. Some years it seems I get older than in others. But, as Desi likes to say, it beats the alternative. Some years I agree with her more than others...

In any event, given all that's going on --- much of which feels like a bit of a birthday gift in and of itself, of late --- I won't be taking extra time off to celebrate. But a friendly donation, if you're in the mood, to help keep us working (through our 20th year!) is always quite welcome.

I am --- and always have been --- terrible at fund raising. Many of you, however, have been generous over the years with a friendly gift around my birthday to help us celebrate. So...thanks in advance to those who may be in the mood and able to toss a few dollars in the birthday tip jar this year!

As you may have noticed, we're doing some detailed, exclusive, investigative reporting these days on the Coffee County Voting System Software Breach in Georgia (Because someone has to! See here and here, for example), and that both takes time and costs money.

So, what would really make it a great birthday is if I could scare up a few new monthly subscribers! You can make a one-time donation or become a monthly subscriber for any amount you can afford via the form on the top-right of this (and every) BRAD BLOG page!

We could very much use the infusion of fresh support and, frankly, helping me to keep the site free of paywalls for all, forever, would be the swellest birthday gift I could ask for!

Thanks again in advance for those who can help out! Stay cool (and dry) out there! --- Brad

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