Conyers Interview Describes 'Serious Abuses of Power', and Impeachment 'Being Discussed'
"We’re moving into a different kind of country under different kind of law," says the Ranking Minority Member of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee
By Brad Friedman on 5/25/2005, 7:48pm PT  

Not that we enjoy being "All-Conyers-All-The-Time" around here, but he is the man out in front of nearly everything these days, demonstrating what an actual opposition party is supposed to look and sound and act like.

As well, it should not go unnoticed that in the case of a Democratic Majority returning to the U.S. House of Representatives in '06 (yeah, we know the possibilities for that, given who owns the voting machines, but still...), Congressman John Conyers would be the Chairman of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee. That is the House Committee which would begin Impeachment Hearings were George W. Bush ever to have done anything that could possibly be considered an Impeachable Offense (as impossible as such as thing is to imagine!)

All of that said, Conyers made a few fairly remarkable comments in his recent interview with RAW STORY which we've only today been able to read in full.

We recommend a read of the entire transcript. The following few grafs, amongst many, certainly caught our attention...

Raw Story's Larisa Alexandrovna: A handful of individuals have thrown around the word impeachment surrounding the president's actions, including former Reagan Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts. Others have called attention to allegations of manipulated intelligence reports, war profiteering, and misuse of appropriated funds. Do you feel we have reached the level of what would be considered “high crimes and misdemeanors” given already what we know?

Conyers: Well, I don't want to comment on that. I think it is more appropriate for me to continue the initial pursuit, which we have not completed yet. But others are talking about it. It is being discussed. It's very hard not to think of this as a serious abuse of power.
Alexandrovna: Some Raw Story readers have expressed a great deal of concern about what they see as a serious and aggressive consolidation of powers. Some have gone so far as to express concern about possible martial law. Do you think these concerns are valid or are people simply reaching?

Conyers: I'm not so sure that there's a lot of reaching necessary. It's being said all over that when you add up all of these incursions on the constitution itself and the amendments thereto: on the attacks on the Voter Rights Act; the question of national ID that refers to, for the first time, a federal database instead of states controlling the licensing itself; when you look at the audacity of the executive branch to remove questions from the judiciary and reassign them as they choose. We're talking about the violation of the doctrine of the separation of powers, which is a very serious matter.

And in their totality, we're moving into a different kind of country under different kind of law.

That's just a taste, of course, but such comments from a man in his position are chilling to say the least. Remember, Conyers was on the U.S. House Judiciary Committee that voted to Impeach Nixon as well.

We're not one to egregiously invoke either the "F" word (Fascism) or the "I" word (Impeachment), but we do take pause when we consider the number of times in our lives when we've wondered just how a modern, vibrant, educated society like Germany could have slipped into the Fascist Dictatorship that it became pre-WWII without so much as an opposition whimper of note along the way.

Were we a reader of tea-leaves --- and we're not --- we'd certainly be taking a close look at the various leaves beginning to fall into various places which would seem to be indicating that some kind of paradigm shift is afoot.

And at an increasingly breakneck speed at that!

It's almost incredible to take note of it, but we're only four months into the second term of George W. Bush. And for those paying attention, at least, the scale and totality of new abuses of power which fly in the face of our Founding Principles and Constitution seem to be increasing in parrallel with the heavy-handed means by which this Administration and their lackeys in Congress are attempting to cover them up and supress the reporting of same to the American People.

How all of these troubling tea-leaves will eventually line up --- towards our worst nightmares or a suddenly brightening day --- is perhaps too early to tell. Give it another week or two.

...And listen to the thunder.