Guest host Nicole Sandler with Middle East expert Steven Simon and a few actual Iranians inside the country too!...
By Nicole Sandler on 1/3/2020, 5:32pm PT  

It's NICOLE SANDLER in one more time for Brad and Desi on today's BradCast, where I grappled with the news that Donald Trump is pulling out all the stops to take our attention off of impeachment and the unredacted documents that were released earlier this week that show he was the person directly responsible for holding back aid to Ukraine.

By pulling out all the stops I mean provoking Iran by assassinating that country's most revered military leader, General Qassem Suleimani, the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Quds Force. This madman is pushing our nation toward war with Iran.

I reached out for an expert on the matter, and spoke with STEVEN SIMON of the Quincy Institute, a new foreign policy think-tank that focuses on peace and diplomacy. But when I asked him about the attitudes of regular Iranian citizens towards America, he said he couldn't really say, as we have no diplomatic channels open with Iran.

So, I decided to reach out directly. I've done this before during times of turmoil. I call hotels in other parts of the world. I choose hotels because it's more likely the person who answers the phone speaks English. I went on a human to human peace crusade to tell an Iranian citizen we don't want war. The result was very interesting.

Brad and Desi will be back for in time for the next BradCast. Thanks for hanging with me over the holidays. What a way to start the new year, huh?...

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