By Ernest A. Canning on 8/2/2012, 4:26pm PT  

Guest blogged by Ernest A. Canning with Brad Friedman

Cowering in the face of blatantly false claims by the terrorist-enablers and dishonest fear-mongerers of the National Rifle Association (NRA), and one of their most vocal lying supporters, the Obama administration torpedoed talks at the United Nations on a proposed international treaty which sought to regulate the $60 billion international small arms trade.

The talks were designed to deal with a problem the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs describes as having created "a worldwide scourge" that has placed weapons in the hands of insurgents, armed gang members, drug lords, pirates and terrorists.

Dishonestly claiming the treaty was intended to regulate domestic U.S. arms sales, the NRA and its supporter, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, led a wholly deceptive charge against the long-sought treaty.

The accord, says Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director of Amnesty International, was meant "to prevent countries and arms exporters from selling guns and military hardware to human rights abusers." But such a treaty was a bridge too far for those, like Bolton and the leadership of the NRA, who favor the profits U.S. arms manufacturers can realize if they can sell firearms to anyone and everyone. And, for now, even the Obama administration, which has, time and again, wilted whenever it feels the heat that accompanies an NRA 2nd Amendment propaganda barrage, has proven willing to sacrifice a much needed international treaty rather than square off with the terrorist-enabling NRA and their lies.

"Any treaty that includes civilian firearms ownership in its scope will be met with the NRA's greatest force of opposition," NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said during his purposely deceptive testimony at the UN earlier this month. What he purposely failed to note? The treaty had absolutely nothing to do with "civilian firearms ownership" in the U.S. of any kind.

LaPierre's testimony was just another chapter in the NRA's long-perpetuated scam to continue pimping for the firearms industry by hoaxing their membership into believing that the Obama Administration --- which has, several times, expanded the rights of civilian firearms owners since taking office --- is secretly plotting to undermine the 2nd Amendment in hopes of taking guns away from law abiding citizens.

"I am here to announce NRA's strong opposition to anti-freedom policies that disregard American citizens right to self-defense," LaPierre lied during his UN testimony. "We will not stand idly by while international organizations, whether state-based or stateless, attempt to undermine the fundamental liberties our men and women in uniform have fought so bravely to preserve...and on which our entire American system of government is based"...

The NRA spokesman continued lying about the treaty after his testimony, while speaking to members of the media. "We are not gonna let our great American freedoms be reduced to some global lowest common denominator," he told a reporter. "We are not gonna submit American freedoms to these globalist vultures that will reduce American freedom to a hollow shell. We are not gonna let that happen, we are gonna fight it and we're gonna defeat it."

LaPierre is a charlatan and a con-man. His years of conning his members and the American people have had unspeakably deadly consequences and yet, since the Aurora, CO Massacre, the organization has denied repeated requests to answers questions from the The BRAD BLOG.

Our initial invitation to interview a spokesperson live on the matters which the NRA has so vocally spoken out on over the years was met --- in the wake of the CO shooting of some 70 Americans in 90 seconds, thanks to high-capacity magazines the NRA has fought for years to assure people like Aurora's James Holmes would be free to buy without oversight of any kind --- only with this response: "We believe that now is the time for families to grieve and for the community to heal. There will be an appropriate time down the road to engage in political and policy discussions."

The "appropriate time" for the NRA, has apparently not yet arrived. They have not responded to subsequent invitations at all. Nearly a dozen of their affiliated state associations --- as well as a number of lawmakers who received "A" and "A+" ratings from the terrorist-enabling group --- have similarly either declined our invitations for interviews, or failed to respond at all.

Bolton, however, George W. Bush's former UN Ambassador, has been all too happy to help perpetuate the NRA's scam concerning the small arms treaty, writing recently in the New York Daily News that gun-control advocates "hope to use restrictions on international gun sales to control gun sales at home."

That too, is a blatant lie. It was presented by Bolton, without evidence, in one of our nation's major newspapers.

Even the presumptive GOP nominee for President of the United States has shown himself more than willing to play along with the hoax, and play the American people for idiots, by announcing, at a July 18 town hall in Ohio that he is "not willing to give the United Nations sovereignty in any way or form."

In a recent article, we discussed how the Second Amendment has been willfully misinterpreted, at a very high cost, in service of the profits that can be realized by domestic civilian sales of an increasingly sophisticated and profitable small arms industry. During an interview today with William Hartung, director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy, Democracy Now's Amy Goodman pointed to facts that reflect that the NRA and Bolton are spinning 2nd Amendment canards to enhance even greater profits from an international small arms trade in which U.S. manufacturers' gross sales, in excess of $50 billion in 2012, represented a 70% increase over previous years.

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Video of Amy Goodman's 8/2/12 interview of William Hartung follows...

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Ernest A. Canning has been an active member of the California state bar since 1977. Mr. Canning has received both undergraduate and graduate degrees in political science as well as a juris doctor. He is also a Vietnam vet (4th Infantry, Central Highlands 1968). Follow him on Twitter: @Cann4ing.

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