By Brad Friedman on 9/23/2010, 6:11pm PT  

The most amusing comment left here in a while. Apparently, it comes from the self-described "critical thinker" who runs this blog (which is not-ironically-at-all titled "Avoiding Political Deception," which describes itself as "Cutting through the mustard. We see so much propaganda on all sides, and people quote half-truths and lies as though they are the gospel. I look through the lens of the Bible and a Christian worldview.")

As posted in comments by "John A" here a few days ago, in response to our article about challenges Sen. Lisa Murkowski faces on Alaska's Diebold voting system in her write-in Senatorial bid...

Like so much of the rank dishonesty on this blog, including a faillure to report that Franken actually DID lose and ALL the Dem voter fraud that has occurred, nothing can be taken at face value. It is a hate site, pure and simple by ignorant lap dogs of the most corrupt administration in History. It will go the way of Air America.

We particularly object to John A's outrageous charge that we are "ignorant lap dogs" for the Bush administration.