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By Desi Doyen on 9/7/2010, 1:18pm PT  

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IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: We're back! ... As Obama calls for rebuilding America's roads, railways & runways, just in time for the election; BP's blowout preventer raised from the deep; Oil found in MS oyster beds; Prominent climate change skeptic reverses course ... PLUS: The "Kochtopus": Out-of-state billionaires try to kill CA's landmark global warming law with an Orwellian ballot initiative ... All that and more in today's Green News Report!

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IN 'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (see links below): Arctic: Both fabled NW and NE passages now open; Antarctica: A climate warning from the deep; Chevron seeking exemption from state environmental laws in CA; A Green Mobile Home in a spiritual trailer park; Inquiry finds U.N. climate panel needs to ‘fundamentally reform’; Mafia cash in on lucrative EU wind farm handouts; Australian Greens seek 'fast, furious' climate steps; Fish fight: FDA to hear comments on GM salmon ...PLUS: Five Ways You Can Help Pakistan (and the Rest of Us) ...


'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (Stuff we didn't have time for in today's audio report)...

  • Arctic: Northwest and Northeast Passages Now Open: Event marks the third time in recorded history that both the Northwest Passage and Northeast Passage have melted free. (Mother Jones)
  • Chevron may be seeking exemption from state environmental laws for its refinery rebuilding project (San Jose Mercury News):
    Now environmentalists and some legislators are sounding the alarm in Sacramento, saying Chevron's lobbyists in the Capitol have been quietly trying to craft a deal to give the company --- America's third largest, with $10.4 billion in profit last year --- an exemption from the state law that requires environmental studies of major projects.
    Built in 1902 by Standard Oil, the refinery ranks as the third-largest source of toxic pollution in Northern California, having released 604,483 pounds of chemicals last year, including 392,038 pounds of air emissions such as benzene, lead, ammonia, zinc, acids and other chemicals through its smokestacks and other equipment, according to EPA records. The plant also is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in California, having put out 4.8 million metric tons in 2008, according to the state Air Resources Board.
  • Ecomobile: A Green Mobile Home In A Spiritual Trailer Park (Treehugger):
    It has become increasingly clear that you cannot separate the home from the context, and that what we really need is a sort of green trailer park, where people can own their unit but share common resources. It turns out that it exists, and has since 1962; Dr. Graham Meltzer just built his own home, the ecomobile, in the Park at Findhorn, a "growing eco-village and spiritual community." in North Scotland. Existing caravans (British for trailer) are being replaced with everything from yurts to eco-mobile homes.
  • A climate warning from the deep: The dispersal of tiny sea creatures in Antarctica has alerted scientists to the vulnerability of Earth's ice sheets (Guardian UK)
  • IPCC the light: U.N. climate panel needs to ‘fundamentally reform,’ review finds: A U.N.-ordered review said Monday that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) needed to "fundamentally reform" how it operates after embarrassing errors in a landmark report dented its credibility. (Grist)
  • IPCC climate change panel needs transparency, review panel finds (Christian Science Monitor):
    The IPCC climate change advisory panel, stung by criticism that it ignored dissenting views, underwent an independent review of its management. Observers have called the report 'remarkably hard-hitting.'
    Seven investigations have been conducted into allegations of data fudging or other alleged scientific abuses stemming from the leaked emails. The investigations all concluded the science itself is sound.
  • Fish fight: FDA to hear comments on GM salmon: The FDA has scheduled meetings September 19-21 to hear advice about whether the agency should approve GM (genetically modified) salmon. (Food Politics)
  • Mafia cash in on lucrative EU wind farm handouts - especially in Sicily: An ill wind is blowing over Italy's green revolution, as the Mafia seek to capitalise on generous grants for renewable energy. (Telegraph UK)
  • Green Party Assumes Pivotal Role in New Australian Government: Minority government must deliver on climate reform and carbon pricing in return for support from Greens (Solve Climate)
  • Five Ways You Can Help Pakistan (and the Rest of Us) (YES! Magazine):
    Some may hesitate to contribute to flood relief because we associate Pakistan with qualities we don’t admire—nuclear proliferation, religious fundamentalism, the oppression of women, and a corrupt and powerful military. But the people of Pakistan are more likely to be the victims than the perpetrators of these problems, and above all else, they are fellow human beings in dire need.

    So how can we distance ourselves from the qualities we don’t like while offering solidarity to the people of Pakistan?

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