TONIGHT: Sr. Counsel to the 9/11 Commission and commemorating the 8th anniversary of 9/11
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By Brad Friedman on 9/11/2009, 4:27pm PT  

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I end this week of guest hosting The Mike Malloy Show LIVE from Los Angeles on the eighth anniversary of 9/11.

As ever, I'll be 'Bradcasting' from L.A.'s KTLK am1150 from 9pm-Midnight ET (6p-9p PT) and hope you'll join me. Also, please join the conversation during the show in our new, handy-dandy chat room facility below.

My thanks to many this week, but especially to Mike and Kathy Malloy for allowing me the honor of borrowing their microphone to speak with you across your public airwaves all week. The audio archives from all of our shows this week are now online and recommended (particularly last night's show!) here:

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POST-SHOW UPDATE AND AUDIO ARCHIVES: Thanks for a great week, rock stars! It was my honor to sit in with you all week!

Commercial-free archives from tonight's show are posted below (each "Hour" is about 38 mins.). My thanks to the very busy Ben Burch from WhiteRose Society! The archive of tonight's Chat Room discussion from during the show, is also posted below. Enjoy 'em all and pass 'em on!...

HOUR 1: John Farmer on how what the 9/11 Commission, public and media was told by military and government officials, 'was almost entirely, and inexplicably, untrue. Also, he answered the unspeakable questions that Glenn Beck felt merited the resignation of Van Jones from the Obama administration. He was offended by none of those questions.
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[A full text transcript of my interview with Farmer is now posted here, courtesy of Erik Larson.]

HOUR 2: Brad on Rush Limbaugh's disgraceful, small, pathetic attack on President Obama's declaration of 9/11 as a national day of service. Plus lots and lots of calls on 9/11 and more.
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HOUR 3: A bunch of more calls, plus the remarkable recent court decision in al-Kidd v. Ashcroft and a reminder that the U.S. government is not allowed to imprison its citizens without charges or reason --- even after 9/11.
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