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By John Gideon on 10/29/2008, 8:47am PT  

6 days until Election Day.

A blind voter in Dane Co, Wisconsin, went to the polls hoping to finally be able to vote without assistance from another person. She ended up having to call over an election worker to assist her because the ES&S AutoMark machine only gave her an error message. Then when that was fixed her ballot would not print out because the machine was out of ink. She had to have someone help her to mark a paper ballot. And, this was in the Madison City Clerk's office, not an out-of-the-way polling site. Federal law says there must be an accessible voting machine at each polling place. I guess Congress should have pointed out the obvious: That machine has to work.

This morning, along with the rest of the news, we also have reports of vote flipping on ES&S iVotronic machines in Jefferson Co, Texas. And also from Texas there are reports of ill treatment of voters at some polls in the state. Poll workers are taking it upon themselves to demand photo ID even though state law does not require it. They are also not offering provisional ballots in instances where they are required to offer them....

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