PLUS: Texas AG Settles Suit by Elderly African American Voters Harassed During State's 'Voter Fraud' Investigation
By Brad Friedman on 5/28/2008, 4:20pm PT  

What's a Grand Ol' Party to do when they wish to disenfranchise Democratic voters via the specious specter of "voter fraud" when they can't actually find any evidence to make their case? Why, call their media wing at Fox "News" of course!

Fox picks up today where the DoJ and Republican Party have had no luck so far, but not for lack of trying. Hey, if you can't beat 'em, publicize 'em, and make it sound like you're beating 'em, at least.

David Edwards and Muriel Kane report at RAW STORY today that Fox is running a "special investigation" into non-citizens throwing elections:

"Could illegal immigrants sway an election?' Eric Shawn of Fox News asked on Wednesday, raising the terrifying specter of "people who are not even citizens voting for whomever they want."

Since 2005, the Bush administration has been pushing the idea that "voter fraud" is a widespread problem, even firing US Attorneys who did not make the investigation of claims of fraud a priority. However, investigations have never found more than a handful of votes being cast illegally, while requiring proof of citizenship seems likely to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters, mostly the poor and elderly who may not be able to secure required documentation.

Fox News has now set out to find the evidence of fraud that the Bush Department of Justice could not, whipping up their audience with the threat of non-citizens "getting a fake ID, a driver's license, or a social security card and voting in this year's election."

"If you think there's voter fraud where you live, or there are other election problems, we at Fox News want to know about it," Shawn told viewers. "You can email us. ..."

RAW has the amusing video from this morning as well.

Well, you heard 'em, kids. Fox is looking for voter fraud! Feel free to email them this link: documenting the no-uncertain-terms case of Ann Coulter having committed voter fraud in Palm Beach County, Florida!

Fox would love to hear from you at: Feel free to let 'em know I sent you, in case they have any further questions. I'll be happy to speak to them, and help 'em root out those voter fraud criminals!

BTW, Fox & Friends, at least, already knows about Coulter's voter fraud, since they called me last year to ask me to appear on their morning show to talk about it after Liz Smith ran an item on the matter in Murdoch's NY Post pointing to BRAD BLOG's coverage...

The appearance was scuttled, however, when, for some reason, Ms. Coulter was just unable to clear her schedule to make it there to appear along with me. What a surprise, eh? Of course, Fox finally chose not to run anything at all on the matter, despite the miles of documentation proving that Ann Coulter, absolutely, committed voter fraud in Palm Beach County.

RELATED: The meager handful of cases of voter fraud that Texas' Attorney General Greg Abbott was able to find --- after coming to office two years ago promising to "stamp out" the "epidemic of voter fraud in Texas" and spending the $1.4 million federal tax-payer grant he was able to get --- have caused the AG far more trouble than they were worth.

As of today, his office has settled with Democrats who had filed suit against the AG for tactics they charged amounted to intimidating and/or harassing voters, including state officers peeking into the shower window of an elderly African American woman who has since suffered a stroke. Lone Star Project has background and the bullet point settlement terms; lawyers from the State of Texas sought such terms to avoid trial, which had been set to begin today.

Aman Batheja at Fort Worth Star-Telegram has more details, including the AG office's claim that it was they, not the plaintiffs, who "won" in this settlement with the little old lady masterminds of voter fraud.

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