By John Gideon on 3/17/2008, 6:30pm PT  

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Éirinn go Brách! In testimony before the Committee on House Administration last week, EAC Commissioner Caroline Hunter testified that there were no EAC certified voting systems at this time and that there would be none used in the election in November. The certification process should not become what it was under NASED where they qualified all of the garbage that is presently being used. The long process for certifying voting systems will surely become shorter as the labs and the EAC’s representatives get experience. Unfortunately the long process will surely affect the voters in New Jersey. The state legislature mandated a vvpat printer be added to the Sequoia Advantage machines used by the state by January 2007. The Attorney General has now moved the deadline for the printers twice with support from the legislature and is now asking that it be moved again until after November.

Perhaps it is time for the courts and the legislature to step in and take action to get rid of those machines and force the Attorney General to accept paper ballots for November and beyond.

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