The BRAD BLOG Publisher Also Nearly Gets Thrown Out Of Hearing by The Sergeant-at-Arms
By Alan Breslauer on 3/10/2008, 12:14pm PT  

Guest Blogged by Alan Breslauer

The BRAD BLOG's own Brad Friedman and other Election Integrity advocates spoke at the historic Joint Informational Hearing Discussion Of Problems Faced By Voters At The 2008 Presidential Primary Election held in Los Angeles on Friday (Brad covered one aspect of the hearing on the L.A. County "Double Bubble" ballot debacle quickly last week; our full body of coverage on the matter is posted here). However, Brad almost did not get a chance to say his piece as the Sergeant-at-Arms almost tossed him out of the hearing on multiple occasions for applauding (video below, 2:20):

Despite his "disruptive" antics, Brad was eventually allowed to speak to the panel about the Los Angeles County "Double Bubble" problem (video below, 2:23)

More video from the Election Integrity advocates' testimony at last week's hearings follows below...

Sheri Myers, who is an election protection activist and author of Cheated! A Graphic Novel About The 2004 Election, wants some accountability (2:08):

Riverside County election integrity guru and friend to The BRAD BLOG, Tom Courbat, mashed together a video of his own evidence-laden testimony at the hearing (7:25):

Ricco Ross is an actor, a leading progressive Los Angeles based activist and the famous owner of the impeachmobile (4:08):

Activist Melanie Magruder delivers the testimony of actress and election integrity advocate Mimi Kennedy (2:00):

The BRAD BLOG friend Michael Jay (4:27):

California Senator Jenny Oropeza, who was an amazing advocate for election integrity throughout the day, told Fox11 News after the hearing that she is "absolutely committed" to fixing the election problems seen in the primary before the November election. Later she added that, "We are going to stay on top of this like white on rice" (2:13):

UPDATE: Video (6:51) is now available below of Kim Alexander's excellent testimony at the hearing on Friday which Brad elaborated on in a previous post:

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