By John Gideon on 3/4/2008, 8:00pm PT  

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Today was as busy as expected but most of the reports of problems are minor. Turnout in Ohio was high even though the weather did not support people going to the polls. Power outages were reported in different areas but no mention was made of any occasion where voting changed to paper ballots during the outages. Flooding in some counties forced the moving of some poll sites and added an hour on to the polling time in ten counties. There were problems with Diebold TSx memory card programming that left races off of the ballot in two counties. There was also a complaint from the GOP in Cuyahoga Co that only Democratic poll workers were involved in the SOS mandated mid-day pickup of ballots from polling sites. In Texas, turnout was high and there were some concerns about whether some counties had enough ballots for voters. Rhode Island also reported high turnout. If everything works out as normal tomorrow will be another big news day and it will probably feature more reports of system failures. I hope I am wrong and that all of the counting goes well but history tells us there will be problems. Time will tell.

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