Misrepresents a BRAD BLOG Article to Help Disinform Rightwing Readers...
By Brad Friedman on 2/25/2008, 3:32pm PT  

Some guy named Patrick Ruffini, at the right-wing Townhall blog of right-wing radio host Hugh Hewitt, is using the space to disinform readers as to the reasons for the current shutdown of the FEC. And he's dishonestly misrepresenting a BRAD BLOG article from last year (we're the "left-wing blogger" he links to in his comments below) in order to help fool his presumably gullible readers...

Howard Dean is upset that John McCain wants out from public matching funds for the primary. So much so that's he's filed a complaint with the FEC.

Very well. If that's how he really feels about it, he'll tell Senate Democrats to give up their extraordinary block against the President's FEC nominees --- a block that is preventing the FEC from holding a pro-forma vote to allow McCain out of the system.

And who put the hold on Hans Von Spakovsky, one of the FEC nominees in limbo?

Barack Obama.

(In fact, this left-wing blogger asserts that Obama is THE key reason there is no working FEC right now.)

This is extraordinary. Obama is using his Senate office to limit his likely November opponent's spending to $9 million between now and the convention.

A small point that Ruffini conveniently leaves out from his typical election year wingnut propagandist blog item, is that, though Obama blocked the Rebublican "voter fraud" zealot, von Spakovsky, (correctly, in our opinion) from inappropriately serving on the FEC, he did so long before he knew that he might well be the Democratic nominee.

More dishonestly though --- and this is what makes Ruffini's post most insidious and obnoxiously misleading --- is the fact that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has blocked a vote on the remaining three FEC nominees in the Senate, in retaliation for the blocking of von Spakovsky, and George W. Bush has also refused to name a replacement nominee for him since Obama exercised his right last year, as a U.S. Senator, to block just one of the four new nominations to the commission.

In other words, the Republican leadership in the Senate is actively blocking votes on nominees which would give the FEC the quorum they need to do business in this election year. But clearly the disinformationalist Ruffini would hate to let readers know about that aspect of the story, lest he be forced to forgo his sleazy "Obama's Chicago-style Politics" headline meme.

Ruffini cryptically, and dishonestly references that point in his blog item by writing: "The FEC must vote to approve any such transfers, and partly because of the Obama-led block, it can't."

"Partly," Mr. Ruffini?

Hewitt ought to remove, or at least, amend the post. Somehow, we suspect he won't bother.

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