Cites Republican Big Government, Unconstitutional Invasion of Privacy, Civil Rights
Wins BRAD BLOG 'Intellectually Honest Conservative Award' in the Bargain...
By Brad Friedman on 12/16/2006, 1:25pm PT  

Former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr was wrong on impeachment (of Clinton), but has been right on a number of things ever since, including joining Al Gore to condemn Bush's assault on privacy and civil rights vis a vis his unconstitutional domestic spying and other such programs.

Barr has now announced he has quit the Republican Party and is joining the Libertarians citing out of control GOP big government spending, and the aforementioned disregard for privacy and civil rights of U.S. citizens.

For that, he earns the too-rarely-bestowed BRAD BLOG "Intellectually Honest Conservative Award" today.