Don Haas, Self-Described 'Hardcore Conservative,' Tells Readers of His Website to Game an Online Poll by a Conservative Radio Host Calling for His Brother to Step Down, Effort Seems to Have Been a Success!
Writes Anonymous Posting Here at BRAD BLOG After Concession of Democratic House Candidate in Brother Mikel's San Diego Election: 'Busby=Loser...Love it When You Uninformed Nutroots Lose'
By Brad Friedman on 11/15/2006, 3:14pm PT  

Like brother like brother. Even San Diego County Registrar of Voters Mikel Haas's brother apparently believes it just fine to cheat at the polls.

Online polls in any case.

The BRAD BLOG has learned that Don Haas, the brother of SD County's Registrar, (one of the country's worst, by the way) has apparently been gaming a recent online poll hosted at the website of conservative San Diego radio talkshow host Roger Hedgecock. The right-wing talker has joined the chair of the Democratic County Chair in calling for Mikel Haas's resignation due to his abominable administration of county elections.

A quick investigation by The BRAD BLOG this morning reveals the poll used at the Hedgecock site can easily be gamed by simply deleting "cookies" on users' computers, allowing them to vote as many times as they wish. Don Haas encouraged readers in a posting yesterday at his website to "act like a democrats and vote three times."

As well, brother Don has been posting anonymously here at The BRAD BLOG with the user name "OMSmedia" since November 9th. In a comment this morning, in reply to Democratic U.S. House candidate Francine Busby's concession in the CA-50 race last night, Don describes her as a "loser" and continues by adding "love it when you uninformed nutroots lose."

He has his own website at which has a "Hardcore Conservative" graphic logo on the home page. In various postings in the "Live Journal" on the site, Don supports his brother's use of hackable Diebold voting machines, spreads disinformation about them, refers to Democrats as "asses," suggests all "gay representatives" are "pedophiles," and writes that "any [Senatorial] candidate yelling about the President should just resign"....

In a thread posted on his site with the subject line "OMSMEDIA Voter Guide 2006," Don supports his brother's illegal (mis)use of Diebold voting machines in San Diego, though he is barely able to help himself from announcing his relationship to the RoV in San Diego. In reply to a question at the site about the hack of a Diebold system as seen in the HBO documentary Hacking Democracy, Don misleads readers by posting "The memcard issue here [in San Diego] is also different but I'll tell you that in person (if you wanna know)....but I have to retain the 'culture of secrecy' here online."

"I did enjoy watching the lady cry when she realized Bush may have won beacuse [sic] of this....he he," writes Don in regard to the on-camera reaction from Florida Election Integrity advocate Susan Pynchon's emotional response to eye-witnessing the hack of a Diebold optical-scan system near the end of the film. The hack flipped an election without leaving a trace behind.

Don then goes about explaining (incorrectly) that the machines used in California are not susceptible to the manipulation seen in the film.

California Tabulators are stand alone machines in a secure environment...not networked. (very much like mission impossible 1)....took a tour in San Diego. If you can get in and change the numbers without being seen...kudos to you and Ving Rhames. The tour was Hosted by BLACKBOX.NET's [sic] 3rd biggest enemy of democracy: Mikel Haas.
The movie only tapped Cali during the software certification lawsuit...and thats [sic] because they were looking for anything related to lawsuits....not about its hackabilty ....we don't use those optical scanners in the movie.

Of course, until the most recent election --- for example, during last June's contested U.S. House Special Election overseen by Mikel Haas in California's 50th Congressional district --- San Diego did use the same Diebold optical-scan system seen in the film at all polling places. Now San Diego only uses their op-scan system for scanning absentee, provisional, and optional paper ballots. Moreover, the vulnerability discovered in the hack revealed during the HBO documentary was found by a team of scientists --- convened by the California Secretary of State earlier this year --- to also apply to the same Diebold touch-screen systems now used across San Diego County by Don's irresponsible, democracy-loathing brother Mikel.

Don, however, seems to have a difficult time keeping mum online about his relationship to Mikel, even in his post calling for people to "vote three times" in Hedgecock's poll asking if Mikel should resign. The online poll took a big "mysterious" midday turn yesterday, from an overwhelming "YES" vote in favor of Haas's resignation to a sudden and overwhelming "NO" vote shortly before Don's post instructing readers they could vote as many times as they wished.

Even here at The BRAD BLOG, Don seems unable to help himself from bragging about his relationship to brother Mikel, although he doesn't come out and admit it in full.

In a comment he posted here two days after the recent election, Don as "OMSMedia" writes, "I met the RoV….he has the most integrity of anyone I have ever met in the entire county."

While he doesn't mention that "meeting the RoV" also included growing up with him his entire life, Don wrote in the same post in reply to a commenter suggesting he was working for the beleaguered voting machine company: "not a Diebold...but my family did work the polls down there….and one of them runs the show…whoops i gave away too much."

Hedgecock, who is also frequent fill-in host for Rush Limbaugh, recently posted his online poll to ask listeners in San Diego if they agreed with him and felt that RoV Haas ought to resign given repeated failures in his administration of elections in the county, including his disastrous adminstration of the November 7th election. During that recent election legally registered SD County voters were turned away from the polls without being able to cast a vote when Diebold voting machines failed and not enough paper ballots were available in some places, as of 9am in the morning (among other horrendous administrative failures by Don's brother the RoV.)

Such failures led the local Democratic Party Chair, Jess Durfee, to call for Haas' resignation. We're told by Hedgecock's producer that even the local Republican party chair agreed with Durfee during their broadcast yesterday that a full investigation and report examining the administration of that election should be commissioned by the San Diego County Board of Commissioners.

With "YES" votes outnumbering "NO" votes concerning Haas's resignation on Hedgecock's poll by nearly two to one yesterday afternoon, suddenly hundreds of "NO" votes began pouring in from somewhere.

The BRAD BLOG has learned that apparently brother Don discovered how to manipulate the online poll and succeeded in voting repeatedly to save his brother in the eyes of public opinion. On his website, Don posted the following last night at 8:00pm:

Help a brother out............My Brother

Due to the recent unfounded reports from and the campaign of three time loser Busby (who is still suing and refusing to concede in District 50)…a ground swell has started against the San Diego Registrar of Voters: Mikel Haas (North Torrance High Alumni 76)

While the poll has no real weight....the incoming democrat elected to the Secretary of State post....would be the kind of person to act on it.

Thus I ask a favor.......Please log into:
Find the poll about the registrar And Vote no. (he should not resign)

And for once you can all act like a democrats and vote three times.....

-Don Haas

The far-right Hedgecock has proven nonetheless to be an advocate of clean elections and an opponent of RoV Haas's woeful administration of elections in San Diego County. During our appearance on his local radio show last June --- after the disputed U.S. House Special Election in California's 50th district, in which Haas sent hackable Diebold voting machines home for days and weeks prior to the election on so-called "sleepovers" with poll workers in violation of both state and federal laws --- Hedgecock concluded the interview by saying:

Visit Brad Friedman at, again, a very liberal leftwing guy, but I think he's on to something in this case. In fact I know he is. And that is, that we now have allowed a system of counting our votes to be presented to us as a system that does it accurately, when it has manifestly been proven that it can be monkeyed with...and the results tampered!

Politics may make strange bedfellows. But the corruption of San Diego County's Registrar of Voters seems to be a concern across all political stripes. At least the Brothers Haas are looking out for each other...if not the best interest of the voters --- of all political stripes --- in San Diego.

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