Evidence-Free Claim Posted by Feeney on 'Crazy Clint Curtis' Smear Campaign Website, Now Repeated on Campaign's Smear Blog!
'Evidence' Presented Would Seem to Dispute Congressman's Own Charges Against Former Colleague and Vote-Rigging Whistleblower Turned Campaign Opponent!
By Brad Friedman on 9/29/2006, 11:40am PT  

The silly, seemingly ineffective, and apparently expensive smear campaign being mounted by Florida's U.S. House Rep. Tom Feeney (R-Abramoff) attempting to attack his congressional opponent, a former colleague-turned-whistleblower, Clint Curtis continues.

Repeating a seemingly unsubstantiated attack on Curtis, initially posted on Feeney's "Crazy Clint Curtis" smear campaign website, a posting on the Congressman's smear blog site makes the same unevidenced claim.

Feeney's "evidence-free" charge is that Curtis has claimed Feeney knew about the 9/11 attacks before they happened.

It's an extraordinary claim now repeated several times in several places by the Congressman who was recently named one once again this year one of the "Most Corrupt Members of Congress" by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a non-partisan ethics watchdog organization in D.C.

While the claims has now been made on both his smear campaign website and blog, the "evidence" offered by Feeney for this claim would seem to disprove their own assertions. Here's Feeney's latest smearblog item in it's entirety (NOTE: We don't believe it's written by fifth graders, it just reads like it)...

Today is "Tinfoil Tuesday", so let's discuss Crazy Clint Curtis' top tinfoil tale.

According to Crazy Clint Curtis, Tom Feeney knew about 9/11, before the attack.

In his own words...
"When the world trade center collapsed my first thought was not were we being attacked, it was, is this the fear that Feeney talked about generating." (Clint Curtis, Just a Fly on the Wall, page 39)

That's it? Are we missing something here?

Their evidence that "Crazy" Clint Curtis claimed Feeney knew about 9/11 before the attack is that line from his self-published book?!

If we were Feeney, we'd ask for our money back from our campaign consultants. After they came home from school.

See our previous report on the smear site set up recently by Feeney and the kids, including doctored photos of Curtis and many other impressive campaign techniques.

Keep up the bad work, Tom!

For the record, in our two years of interviews and reporting on Clint Curtis' story since we originally broke the story of Curtis' extraordinary allegations [PDF] of Feeney's request to create vote-rigging sofware and much more, we have never heard him make any such claim that somehow Feeney knew about 9/11 before it happened.

On the other hand, while Feeney is spending hundreds of thousands on his less-than-dignified "Crazy Clint Curtis" smear campaign, he has yet to answer to any of Curtis' substantive allegations made in sworn affidavit, sworn video-taped testimony to members of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee and found to be truthful in a polygraph test administered by the state of Florida's former lead polygraphist.

What Feeney has refused to speak to includes (but is certainly not limited to) the following wholly unanswered questions...

  • Will he take a polygraph test as Curtis did?
  • Will he debate Curtis face to face?
  • Why has he continued to protect Yang Enterprises, Inc. (YEI), the firm who procured state contracts while he worked as their general counsel and registered lobbyist even while serving as Florida's Speaker of the House?
  • What is his explanation for YEI having been found to have overbilled the FL Dept. of Transportation by $300k on a contract that Feeney oversaw when he worked for the company?
  • If Curtis is so crazy, how come he knew enough about that overbilling and reported it to the FL Inspector General's office in 2001, leading to a confirming report from the FL Inspector General's office released in 2005?
  • What is his explanation for YEI employee, Hai Lin "Henry" Nee, the illegal Chinese alien and close family friend who would later plead guilty to Federal charges after being bused for attempting to send Hellfire anti-tank missile chips to Communist China?
  • How did Curtis know about Nee in order to make his complaint to FL officials about him back in 2001 if the above details weren't publicly known until 2004 and 2005?
  • Is Curtis so "crazy" that he's also mysteriously clairvoyent?
  • How come Feeney --- though he claims to have broken ties with the Yang's in 2002 --- still has his Florida campaign headquarters located smack-dab inside the YEI building located at 1420 Alafaya Trail, Suite 103, Oviedo, FL 32765 (Ph: 407.366.2212)?
  • How come Feeney was thrown a private party/reception by the Yang's in 2003?
  • How come he won't even speak about any of these matters to reporters?
  • How come Feeney is the only un-indicted congressman left in the U.S. House to have gone on a golf junket to St. Andrews, Scotland with Jack Abramoff on the now-disgraced uber-lobbyist's dime?
  • For that matter, how come he's long been swapping both spit and money with the jailed and/or indicted Congressmen DeLay, Ney or Cunningham?
  • How come he's never returned any of that money received even after sentencing and/or guilty pleas?
  • How come he threatened to sue a Florida newspaper who reported on Curtis' congressional testimony?
  • How come YEI sent a virtually identical threat letter to the paper, signed by Feeney's old law partner even though the old law partner was in the middle of a Mediterranean cruise at the time?
  • How come neither he nor YEI ever sued the paper?
  • How come neither he nor YEI have ever sued Curtis for all of those "libelous" and "crazy" statements that Feeney claims he's made?
  • Oh...and how come the other two people (beside Feeney and Curtis) in the alleged meeting where Curtis claims he was asked by Feeney to create a vote-rigging software prototype refuse to talk about the meeting as well?
  • How come one of them, Mike Cohen, Mrs. Yang's executive secretary and YEI's media spokesman was suddenly moved (and, thus buried) in a YEI job over at NASA after these allegations first became public here on The BRAD BLOG?
  • Those are just a few of the questions that Mr. Feeney may want to answer some day --- to either a reporter...or the DoJ. Or maybe he wouldn't.

    (Hat-tip to "Crazy Clint Curtis" blog commenter "patty" for the suggested [R-Abramoff] meme! Smartly turned, old girl! Hope you'll not mind if we borrow it from time to time!)

    UPDATE: Looks like Feeney's people have decided to delete my comments on their blog item which posted links for folks to determine the truth about the Feeney/Curtis allegations for themselves (ya know, pointing to original documentation, news story, etc. Apparently they don't care for that sort of thing. At least from me.) Please feel free to leave your own comments on their blog, however! And include some of the links listed below so folks can decide for themselves!

    For more info on The BRAD BLOG's continuing investigative series on
    The Clint Curtis/Tom Feeney/Yang Enterprises Vote-Rigging Scandal series, please see:
    - A Quick Summary of the story so far.
    - An Index of all the Key Articles & Evidence in the series so far.
    - Curtis is now running for U.S. Congress against Feeney.
    To support or for more info, see: www.ClintCurtis.com
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