By John Gideon on 9/23/2006, 4:20pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org

Most of today's news is on the Colorado court decision. This was a resounding win for the voters of the state. The state's DREs will be used in Nov. but they will be decertified immediately after and may not be re-certified. Great job by the legal team including VoterAction. / Mississippi will be disenfranchising absentee and overseas/military voters by not allowing them to vote in a special legislative election that will be held on Nov. 7 along with the general election. / Two excellent articles in today's NYTimes. ...

  • NAtional: Officials Wary of Electronic Voting Machines LINK
  • NAtional: The Big Gamble on Electronic Voting LINK
  • NAtional: CNN's Lou Dobbs:Problems With E-Voting Machines Are Now Nationwide LINK
  • AZ: Pima County - Supervisors certify election results LINK
  • CA: Gov Signs Some Election Reform Bills, Bowen Measures Still Await Action LINK
  • CO: Judge approves voting machines LINK
  • CO: Colo. judge warily OKs voting machines LINK
  • CO: Vote machines a go. Judge rips security testing, but says it's too late to switch LINK
  • CO: Vote won't be on paper LINK
  • CO: Mesa County - Election decision saves county roughly $1 million LINK
  • CT: Opinion - New Voting Machines, New Levels Of Reliability LINK
  • MD: Paper or Diebold? LINK
  • MS: Legislative qualifying date extended LINK
  • MS: Vote affects absentee ballots LINK
  • MS: Leflore County - Voters will be watched closely on Tuesday LINK
  • PA: Luzerne County - Privacy curtains would cost Luzerne County $156G LINK
  • PA: Luzerne County - Voting curtains to cost $146,000 LINK
  • WA: Snohomish County - Judge restores right to vote. The county erred in removing a man from the voting rolls because he wasn't living in his Maltby house, a judge rules. LINK
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