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By Dan Field on 9/4/2006, 10:43pm PT  

Guest Blogged By Dan Field

We're all on pins and needles here at Clint Curtis for Congress as the election rolls upon us. For those who haven't been following the race, election fraud whistleblower Clint Curtis --- who says he was asked to deliver a computer program to U.S. Congressman Tom Feeney to flip the vote in Florida --- hopes to run against Feeney himself in the general election in November. But to do that, he has to defeat Democratic rival Andy Michaud.

The interesting wrinkle? Michaud has been virtually a complete no-show on the campaign trail! In fact, many newspaper columnists have simply written him off. He hasn't appeared at any events in weeks and didn't even bother to show up for a 10-minute televised debate with Curtis on the local NBC affiliate!

So it would appear that Curtis has the Democratic nomination in the bag, right?

Well, this is Florida we're talking about, so who knows what sort of chicanery could happen.

I caught up with candidate Curtis on election eve and had a chance to ask him a few questions --one in particular that seems to be on everyone's minds. And if you're unfamiliar with Curtis' VoteNow 2006 --- the most innovative way to prevent election-rigging I've seen so far (and in fact the ONLY solution to such put forward by any Democrat anywhere that I'm aware of) --- then please read down to the bottom of the piece.

Dan Field: How are things looking right now from where you stand? What sort of reaction are you getting from folks out there?

Clint Curtis: Very good. Our polling has shown that we are leading 80-20 in Volusia --- 75-25 in Brevard --- 60-40 in Seminole and behind 49-51 in Orange. As long as the vote does not get flipped, we will win. The problem is that we were only able to verify approximately 32% of the available precincts. For the general election, we will need a lot more volunteers in order to make sure the vote is counted correctly. [see Curtis' site VoteNow2006.net, the parallel voting site Curtis has set up to help prevent election fraud!]

DF: You've gotten some great endorsements of late.

CC: We have received endorsements from:

  • Democracy for America
  • Daytona-Beach News-Journal
  • The Backbone Campaign (I received the Spine Award)
  • NASA's TWU Union
  • DFA Miami-Dade
  • DFA Daytona Beach
  • This is fantastic, and more will certainly come in once we win the primary.

    DF: Do you think someone might try to pull a fast one and steal the nomination from you --- and give the race to chronic no-show Michaud?

    CC: I am running against Feeney. In actuality, we only know that Feeney requested the prototype and not that he can actually control the flip himself. Since he isn't all that well-loved by the Republicans, he may have no way to decide how the elections are determined. He is well connected to the upper ranks so we are treating this race as if Feeney can decide the winner in both the primary and the general.

    Our main defense is by verifying the votes externally through the VoteNow2006.net program. Our volunteers have been doing exceptional work, but we are still going to only be able to verify about 32% of the primaries. Fortunately, primaries are easier, because they have low turnout and the potential voters are fairly easy to identify. We will need a lot more volunteers that can make toll free calls at night [for the general election].

    DF: Thanks, Clint! As you know, not just Florida's great 24th district, but people from all across the USA are pulling for you.

    CC: It's an honor.

    Now about VoteNow 2006. A lot of people have asked Candidate Curtis what can be done to protect their vote. It's one thing to know the system is gamed; but what can we do about it? Curtis told me about how an old lady came up to him in tears after he spoke at an event last year, sick to her stomach over the theft of democracy in America. She asked him what could be done about election fraud. Curtis didn't have a good answer for that woman. It was then that he realized being a whistleblower about stolen elections was one thing--but people were now expecting him to come up with a way to stop it. That's why Clint Curtis came up with VOTENOW 2006. Here, finally, is a way for us to register our vote so that we will know that our vote will be accurately counted.

    Clint Curtis' VoteNow2006.com provides a place where every citizen can record their vote in secret, and the actual totals of elections can be verified independently. What was missing in verifying the results of the Ohio Election was the ability to match the vote with the voter. Exit polls are anonymous and do not record the actual citizens who were disenfranchised. With the voter’s permission, VoteNow2006 can provide the candidate with an affidavit from each voter that they voted for a particular candidate. The affidavit matches the vote with the voter, and that is the piece of information that will make sure your vote gets counted --- because it is a paper record that can be audited.

    For more on VoteNow 2006, please visit the site. Let's hope that this idea spreads like wildfire before 2008.

    Now, if you live in Florida, get out there and vote!

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