And Here Are a Few Photos to Prove it...
By Brad Friedman on 9/24/2005, 2:14pm PT  
Special BRAD BLOG / Velvet Revolution coverage
of the Sep 24-26 Rally in D.C.
Blogged by Brad

Hurricane Rita seems to be largely under control and the worst has past. Nonetheless, only one story in this country can be covered by Cable News Channels per day. Only bloggers like us have the massive resources to afford covering more than one story at a time. Which is a good thing, since there's nothing else going on anywhere in the country today. Nothing. Not even in the nation's capitol...Certainly not the most massive rallies this country has seen in 35 years...

AP's article just posted, headlined "100,000 Demonstrators Call for U.S. Troops To Leave Iraq" must be a mistake...Or at least, not newsworthy.

Please don't look at these photographs.

Fortunately, nothing worth covering happened in Los Angeles today either... London...It was a day just like any other as well...

UPDATE: And here's some video that proves once and for all that absolutely nothing unusual at all occured today in D.C.!