By David Edwards on 8/10/2005, 2:01pm PT  

Guest blogged by David Edwards

The BRAD BLOG has learned that Cindy Sheehan has refused to do an interview tonight on Fox's O'Reilley Factor. On a conference call with bloggers this afternoon, Sheehan responded to a question from CrooksandLiars...

Crooks and Liars: I posted the video of O'Reilly and Malkin attacking you. Are you going on his show?

Cindy Sheehan: No. I don't like it when people lie about me. He attacks me personally about it. He asked me to go on show. My first reaction is that I'll go on if he publicly apologizes for lying about me. But my second reaction is I won't go on at all because his show is an obscenity.

Our true mission is bringing attention to the occupation of Iraq and bringing our troops home. The Bush Administration doesn't have the support of the majority of America. We do.

Right-wing media and blogs have put considerable effort into swift-boating Cindy Sheehan over the last few days. Check out what ThinkProgress has to say about O'Reilly and Michelle Malkin's attempt to smear Sheehan. Atrios comments on Drudge's baseless attack.

We wonder if the president's odd behavior, speech and appearance at yesterday's so-called press conference may have been caused by his fear of dealing with the situation developing outside his Crawford palatial estate ranch. (CrooksandLiars has a video clip.)

Skinner at DemocraticUnderground has quickly put together a transcript of this afternoons blogcall with Cindy Sheehan.

UPDATE: Media Matters has begun tracking lies about Sheehan through the conservative media. Joe Trippi has provided audio of today's BlogCall which we have happily reposted here.

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