Wife of Embattled GOP/Bush-Cheney Operative Embroiled in Gaming Ohio Balloting/Recount
'CoinGate' Scandal Grows, Special Prosecutor Now Requested
By Brad Friedman on 8/1/2005, 12:32pm PT  

We've been (mostly) quietly watching the situation in Ohio blow up in slow motion over the last several weeks/months.

The "CoinGate" scandal there has been the touchstone of Campaign Finance/Money Laundering scandals which is spreading like a cancer across the entire state; from "Mr. Republican" Thomas Noe, who angled his way into mis-managing a $50 million piece of the State Workers Pension Plan via his own personal exceedingly risky investments in rare coins --- millions of dollars from which have now disappeared --- through the Republican Governor Taft's own office and even the Ohio Supreme Court itself, both of which are all now being implicated through the spidering tentacles of this extraordinary state-wide scandal.

But what is known so far appears to be just the tip of an incredibly rotten iceberg.

Mixed metaphors aside, the scandal in Ohio is far from isolated to the state only. Noe's influence as a Bush-Cheney "Pioneer" contributor and his reach into and out of the pockets of GOP Officials (elected and otherwise) all around the country is still bubbling towards the top, and promises to be at least as stunning as the current Karl Rove "TreasonGate" investigations.

After several months as we've been keeping the corner of our eye on the scandal, the story of Noe's wife Bernadette and her complicity in helping to game the November '04 elections is finally making its way to the top of the filthy brewing pot.

RAW STORY's Larisa Alexandrovna today has some stunning revelations --- based on a newly obtained memo from a Blackwell investigation --- in what is likely just the first salvo exposing Ms. Noe's personal role in this growing GOP cancer.

In her dual role as chairman of the Lucas County, OH Republican Party and the Lucas County Board of Elections, it now appears that Ms. Noe was one of the key players in the Ohio Republican Party's proven gaming/likely theft of the 2004 Presidential Election in the state via her BoE's "gross failures" to secure ballots, voting machines and the manipulation of the Green/Liberatarian-requested recount which followed the election.

And yes, at least one Diebold employee was present on the scene throughout all of the shenanigans.

The RAW STORY Exclusive is a must read, filled with remarkable details. As well, it's accompanied this morning by a request to the Dept. of Justice from John Conyers (D-MI) and Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) to appoint a Special Prosecutor in the matter to replace the current DoJ-appointed Prosecutor Gregory White.

White, as it turns out --- himself a partisan operative and friend of Gov. Taft and Karl Rove's --- is in no way "independent" in the matter. The letter from Conyers and Kapture explains in detail, the several personal conflicts of interest that White has across the entire case.

There will be more on this matter to come from several different angles. Though it all begins in Ohio, it will be little surprise to regular BRAD BLOG readers to find that it will soon reach out far and wide, in several different directions, across the country.

Stay tuned...

P.S. For a hint at just some of the further dots to be connected, see Bob Fritakis and Harvey Wasserman's recent article from Columbus Free Press. They add many details to the complex case, though it can be tough to follow since there are so many corrollaries. The second half of the article, however, speaks directly to the Ohio/Noe/Lucas County connections to Bush/Cheney and the November '04 Election.

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