Lockstep Attack on CIA Analyst Larry Johnson!
(Why Hold Anybody Accountable When There Are Still Plenty of Folks Left to Smear?)
By Brad Friedman on 7/25/2005, 9:11pm PT  

Looks like the GOP bootlickers in the fake "conservative" "media" received their latest marching orders today sometime around 11am ET this morning.

With their backs against the wall vis a vis TreasonGate, they've been given some fresh smear ammo, apparently, to try and help the White House minimize and obfuscate their unprecedented outing of a covert CIA operative.

Since smearing Ambassador Joe Wilson and his wife have failed, it's time to go after those who have been standing up for them apparently. Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson, who testified at last Friday's joint House and Senate Democratic Hearings on TreasonGate (Republicans, apparently, being not particulary concerned about unprecedented breaches of National Security) is apparently the next target for the fake media operatives from the Right. Johnson, who voted for Bush in 2000, also gave Saturday's response to Bush's radio address.

First out of the closet to attack, naturally, was phony reporter Jeff Gannon at 11:40am ET:

But Johnson...did offer his opinions in July 10, 2001 article in the New York Times. In the piece titled, "The Declining Terrorist Threat," Johnson said that except for pursuing business interests in some dangerous places Americans "have little to fear" from terrorism.

And a scant 31 minutes later, Gary Schmitt of The Project for the New American Century (yes, PNAC) posted on Rupert Murdoch's Daily Standard:

On July 10, 2001--two months before the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon--Johnson wrote an op-ed for the New York Times ("The Declining Terrorist Threat") in which he argued that Americans were "bedeviled by fantasies about terrorism" and, in truth, had "little to fear" from terrorism.

Seriously guys, can't you even try to act like actual reporters? Perhaps the Talking Points should come with a schedule or something, so everyone doesn't repeat them at once.

Anybody out there feel like sharing those Talking Points from which both Gannon and Schmitt were obviously cribbing with us here at The BRAD BLOG? We actually do respect the confidentiality of sources, so you can rest assured it'll be our secret whoever decides to email them to us.

Though, in truth, the only folks currently shilling the Smear Johnson line are deep deep inside GOP operatives of the lowest level, so they probably received a phone call instead of a piece of paper. Paper being all too traceable these days, and phonecalls requiring a subpeona from a Special Prosecutor before one has to lie about them.

First one to spot the attacks coming against Patrick Fitzgerald, please let us know. (Whoops, looks like Kos has already spotted it! Hat tip to David Edwards for finding it just before we hit the "publish" button!)

Oh, and here's a thought: Why not just hold those who have done things wrong accountable for their actions instead of smearing those who point it out?

Just a thought.

(Hat tip also to Crooks & Liars for pointing out Schmitt's attack!)

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