By Brad Friedman on 7/14/2005, 2:24pm PT  

As all of the scandals in the House of Bush begin to slowly merge together, has an update on events scheduled around the country on July 23rd, the third anniversary of the original "Downing Street Memo" (the minutes of a meeting in the UK describing their foreign ministers meetings with the Bush Administration's plans to topple Saddam through military means eight months prior to asking Congress for authorization, and revealing that they had planned to "fix the intelligence and the facts around the policy").

There are now more than 150 events planned nationwide, and ADS has info on how you can participate and/or help organize an event in your own hometown.

As we like to say...this democracy ain't gonna save itself, people!

(As a side note, our interview on last weekend's BRAD SHOW with Times of London's Michael Smith, the journalist who broke the original story and is continuing to break still more if it, is now available for listening online in the BRAD SHOW Archives. Scroll to the 7/9/05 show, HOUR 1.)